Any time President Donald Trump’s ego is bruised, he heads to Twitter to air out his grievances. So it’s no surprise that as the federal government comes under scrutiny for its insufficient efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, he took to his preferred platform of choice to criticize those who say he hasn’t done enough to help la Isla del Encanto. “Nobody could have done what I’ve done for #PuertoRico with so little appreciation,” he wrote. “So much work!” The tweet came attached with a video highlighting rescue and aid endeavors.

Trump has continued to insist that recovery in Puerto Rico is moving at a fast space. But at a time when the number of deaths is still unclear, 40 percent of the island continues to go without water, and some have not received a single thing from the federal government, Trump’s tweet seems wildly inappropriate and tone deaf. He is taking attention from the real victims and asking for praise for doing his job.

As he tries to distract us from the truth and change the narrative of the government’s rescue efforts on the island, it’s important to follow reliable sources who are getting to the truth. Here are some Twitter accounts to follow:


Raquel Reichard

Raquel Reichard is a freelance journalist doing investigative reporting in Puerto Rico alongside Rosa Clemente and Kat Lazo.

Editor’s Note: Raquel Reichard is a contributor for Remezcla.


David Begnaud

David Begnaud is a CBS News Correspondent, who has covered the storm from the beginning.


Julio Ricardo Varela

Though Julio Ricardo Varela isn’t reporting from Puerto Rico, he has used his platform to draw attention to the plight of those on the island. Follow him here.


Mariana Atencio

Mariana Atencio is a Peabody Winning journalist. She’s currently a correspondent for MSNBC. Follow her here.