Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose hardline stance on immigration has already caused so much damage to our communities, patronized two Mexican restaurants (La Mexicana and El Tiempo Cantina) the day that he spewed hate gave a speech about immigration in Houston. Since then, people have spoken out against Sessions, who has demonized Mexicans. With El Tiempo Cantina receiving a barrage of negative comments after saying it was an honor to serve Sessions, Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited Mexican Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo to discuss the backlash. But all he succeeded in was whitewashing tacos.

Carlson started the segment by singling out journalist Jorge Ramos and accusing him of not being impartial. “Our mutual friend Jorge Ramos is calling, in effect, for this restaurant owner to be punished because Hispanics are not allowed to eat with Jeff Sessions,” Carlson said. “And I was just wondering, I thought in 2018, regardless of your race, you could eat with anyone you wanted, but that’s not true I guess.” Acevedo, who didn’t take the bait about his obviously flawed analysis, defended his colleague and explained that he’s not surprised the meet up generated controversy.

Carlson continued trying to put words in Acevedo’s (and Univision’s) mouth, and though Enrique laid out why it’s an issue that Sessions went to a restaurant of a community he has constantly maligned, Carlson was upset that harboring anti-immigrant sentiments meant he couldn’t freely eat tacos.

“I think what people are pointing out, the contradiction of attacking someone’s culture … and then celebrating their food,” Acevedo said. “What do you mean, ‘their foods? It’s an American food,” Carlson replied. “What do you think, you own tacos now, or something?”

And then, Tucker literally said, “you’re not going to appropriate my culture. I’m from San Diego, man.” Obviously, Tucker is a troll in need of a history lesson. On Twitter, people called him out for his insulting statements.