As devastating news continues to pour in and as we’re constantly reminded about the fight that lies ahead, it’s also important to allow some room for positivity. Because the past week has been especially crushing, here are a few things to bring you a little joy:


Ahead of the solar eclipse, listen to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in Spanish.


Gael Garcia Bernal dancing salsa is a little bit of an oldie, but certainly a goodie.


No one has ever been happier than Cardi B, and it's incredibly contagious.


These children can probably dance better than you, but you'll still smile.

Kinder Cha Cha Cha

Can you cha cha cha better than a Kindergartener? Check out the minis and see for yourself!

Posted by Mr. Sorto's Class on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Read more about Edwin Soto – the teacher behind the viral videos – and the pint-size dancers here.


Mexicans and Punjabis dance it out.

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