Meet the Vengador Encuerador, the Mystery Vigilante Shaming Suspected Robbers in Puerto Vallarta

Lead Photo: Photo by Chalabala/ Getty Images
Photo by Chalabala/ Getty Images
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The municipality of Puerto Vallarta is one of the most visited tourist spots in Mexico. But in the last few years, high crime rates have put residents and tourists alike on alert. In 2016, Puerto Vallarta saw a 200 percent increase in robberies and extortions. And just this year, people have reported 1,637 cases of robbery. But now a mystery vigilante in Puerto Vallarta is bringing supposed burglars to justice by shaming them in public.

Officials have found 10 naked victims tied to poles. The vigilante’s also suspected of shaving the word “Rata” onto their heads and bruising their butts with wooden planks. In images that have made the rounds on the internet, the men’s buttocks appear swollen, according to BuzzFeed News Mexico.

Police learned about the first victims last week when people alerted authorities. On Monday and Tuesday, police found four more men in the same predicament. All victims opted to not press charges because the vigilante allegedly threatened them with further consequences. While the unknown person tried to shame the men for robbery, police said no one had filed criminal reports against the men.

No details exist on the vigilante’s identity, but the people of Puerto Vallarta have expressed their concerns surrounding the unorthodox justice brought to alleged burglars. They fear the situation may get out of hand if other violent groups start to retaliate or imitate the vigilante’s style of justice. Still, some people have poked fun at the vigilante’s style, calling the mystery person a “Vengador Encuerador” and have compared him to a Marvel character.

Here’s what some Puerto Vallarta residents are saying of the Vengador Encuerador.