7 of Walter Mercado’s Most Fabulously Bejeweled Capes

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Capes used to be part of Walter Mercado’s uniform – until they overshadowed him. In his lifetime, he’s amassed nearly 1,500 capes, including one with a bedazzled Puerto Rican flag. Some he donated to a charity. Others he stores in an air conditioned house in Miami, never to be worn again. A few years ago, our spiritual advisor stopped wearing them. “When people imitated me, they just wore a wig and a cape,” he told El Nuevo Día in 2012. “But they didn’t imitate my essence or my message either.”

Though his clothing is still as shiny as ever – because as he told Hola, “better off dead than basic” – we can’t deny that caped Walter is the best Walter. Because we long for the days when Walter’s cloak game was strong, we’re looking back at some of his best warlock capes/wizard robes/clairvoyant frocks and rating them on a scale of 1 to 5.


This v. Heavy Cape

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ?


This Wedding Day Cape

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ? ?


The Puerto Rican Day Parade cape

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ? ? ? ?


The Victorian Valentine's Day Cape

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ? ?


The Autumnal Cape

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ? ? 


This Frankencape

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ? ? 


This cornucopia of capes

Caped Clairvoyant Score: ? ? ? ? ?