These Walter Mercado Doppelgängers Will Make You Do a Double Take

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Walter Mercado has been an ever-present figure for most Latinos’ lives. From his stint on Primer Impacto to his astrology informercials, Walter was everywhere when we were growing up. But as the years have gone by, our favorite caped clairvoyant’s spotlight has dimmed somewhat. Until this month, when Doritos Mexico released a commercial that once again reminded us why he’s our No. 1 spiritual advisor. Like many, we had a pretty visceral reaction to the life-changing 30-second spot.

From wondering what we had seen to getting a kick out of the spaceship’s destination (Uranus), there was a lot to take in. But mostly, the commercial forced us to realize that even if we don’t see Walter himself frequently, he’s everywhere – especially because he has hella doppelgängers. As we watched Walter Mercado float in zero gravity, we couldn’t help but notice how many celebrities resemble him. Here are five who will make you do a double take:


Geena Davis


Prince Charming from 'Shrek'


Lady Gaga


Carolina Herrera


Kim Kardashian's Crying Face