Airbnb Guest Roasted On Reddit After Complaining About Loud Music in Washington Heights

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It’s no secret that Washington Heights is the hub of the Dominican diaspora in New York City. And if you didn’t know that, then a quick Google search will certainly edify you. But when a foreign-born tourist visited NYC, he didn’t have this prior knowledge, and also didn’t bother looking it up, despite booking a room in WaHI through Airbnb. After a few days spent in the neighborhood, the Reddit user complained that it was too turnt.

In a Reddit post on early Friday, askinguy wrote, “Decided to come NYC on vacation and didn’t know much about the neighborhoods. Ended up coming to Washington Heights, and boy do I regret!!! Whats wrong with these people? Don’t they work? How can the other people in the building stand this? Every night, I’m not talking about weekends, every night.” So because he doesn’t understand this community, he surmises that they must “have shit for brains.”

The user continued explaining that at one point he managed to fall asleep, but that at 3 a.m. someone blared music from their parked car. Maybe he hoped for sympathy, but when it comes down to it, he went on a classist rant. “I looked at NYPD reports and this is supposed to be a safe neighborhood,” askinguy wrote. “I really don’t know how!! Up to now, I am hating this, I would never, never live here. People have no education, everybody here talks loud, loud music day and night. I also understand a little bit of Spanish and since they talk so loud, it’s impossible not to hear what they are saying – and let me tell you, they talk about drugs and jail all the time.”

So basically, this person thought that he could come into a neighborhood that wasn’t his and dictate how people should run their lives. And for being so small-minded, he also missed out on bomb foods like mangu and mofongo. Since posting the comment on Friday, people have gone in on the ignorant Airbnb user. While he doubled down for some time, he eventually erased all of his comments from Reddit. But hopefully before he left, he learned through 100+ comments why his post was so problematic.

Here are five people roasting askinguy below: