Walter Mercado on the Best Ways to Ring in the New Year, According to Your Astrological Sign

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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When it comes to ringing in the New Year, Latinos abide by a set of traditions designed to bring them luck in all aspects of life. From eating 12 grapes for a prosperous year to packing your bags and taking a stroll around your block to up your chances of travel, there are many methods you can take when the clock strikes midnight on January 1. But if you’re in the need of more luck (or simply want to try a new method), give Walter Mercado’s suggestions – arranged by your astrological sign –a whirl.

Below, check out what you should wear, how you should decorate your house, and other tips to ring in the New Year from our No. 1 spiritual advisor.


The last day of the year will be busy for Capricorns who want to get rid of bad energy. Take a dry coconut on roll it on the floor with your feet, working from the inside toward the out. When you have covered every square inch of your home, push it through the doorway. Break the coconut so that with it goes all of 2017’s negativity.

Walter also has you covered on your wardrobe. Say goodbye to 2017 your most fabulous bronze or brown outfit. Complete the look with a red accessory (or make sure to carry something red).


Before you ring in the new year, burn sandalwood incense and add fruit and flowers to your home. Take a relaxing last bath in 2017, and fill your tub with flowers, almond oil, perfume, cinnamon, and honey. Then put on something violet, paired with something silvery. And don’t forget to eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes 12 a.m.


For New Year’s, you and your house should be decked out in pastel looks. Walter suggests that you wear light blue or lilac, and that you put out light pink and light blue candles at home. And don’t forget to burn Patchouli incense. All of this will put your closer to turning your 2018 goals into reality.


When you come up with an outfit for the New Year, you should be thinking red (your lucky color if you didn’t know). As a fire sign, you’ll need to set the negative things in your life ablaze. Grab a piece of paper and write down a list of everything negative that happened to you in 2017. Set it on fire and get yourself in a positive headspace.


Prepare a bath with mint leaves, honey, cinnamon, and your favorite perfume. Then get ready to turn heads in a green outfit, and don’t forget to carry something copper to bring you good luck.


Get rid of bad energy by burning incense, and then wear something in a gold or sunny yellow to bring you luck and money.


You may have to exercise caution all night, but wearing white to ring in the New Year will bring you positive vibes in 2018. Make sure to also carry something black, which will absorb the bad. Also, add white flowers, lilies, or roses to your home.


Say hello to 2018 with orange – both with your attire and by lighting an orange candle in your home. And don’t leave home without a piece of gold jewelry.


Place nine white candles and flowers, which purify, throughout your home. When the ball drops, make sure you’re wearing something white or cream colored.


Draw a bath of roses, rose petals, mint, ground cinnamon, and fern leaves. Then wear a new outfit, preferably something in pink. And make sure there are lots of pink and yellow at your New Year’s celebration to usher in a year of good luck.


Placing one red candle and one white candle in your home can bring you peace and harmony in 2018. You also have Walter’s permission to look like a black-and-white cookie; he suggests wearing the two colors in tandem to your New Year’s celebration. But before you head out, take a bath with red carnations, guava leaves, cinnamon, honey, a few drops of red wine.


Blue and red will bring you a magical year. From your clothes you wear to the candles you should light, this color combination will take you far. And add a basket of red apples to attract all the positive vibes.

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