8 Long Reads You Should Check Out This Weekend

Lead Photo: Matt Taylor-Gross for Saveur
Matt Taylor-Gross for Saveur
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With the demands of work, school, and adult life in general, setting aside time to read long-form stories is challenging. And if you collect articles on your browser, perhaps you’ve amassed an intimidating number of tabs by the end of the week.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up a collection of stories you should queue up this weekend:


Saveur, "The Forgotten Legacy of Mexico's Original Celebrity Chef"

rMatt Taylor-Gross

Though Rick Bayless and Diana Kennedy are recognized as experts in Mexican cuisine, when Lesley Téllez worked on her cookbook, she turned to Josefina Velázquez de León’s recipes. In about 30 years (the 1930s to 1960s), she wrote nearly 150 cookbooks on just about everything. This Saveur piece is an ode to the original Mexican celebrity chef.

Read it here.


Latino USA, "Who Run the World?"

This week’s episode of Latino USA dedicates an hour to powerful Latinas. From Sonia Sotomayor in Washington D.C. to Stonewall Riots hero Sylvia Rivera, this podcast honors women of the past and present.


Longreads, "The Vanishing: What Happened to the Thousands Still Missing in Mexico?"

Grace Rubenstein

This heartbreaking piece follows Araceli García Luna, a Mexican woman whose son is one of the 23,000 disappeared as a result of the country’s drug wars. García, who lives just outside of Mexico City, only leaves home for work and necessary errands. However, every few months, she travels 560 miles to Monterrey to demand answers for her missing son.

Read it here.


Kotaku, "The Future of WWE Is A Women's Wrestler Named Bayley"

With The Rock, John Cena, and Triple H previously serving as some of the faces of WWE, this Kotaku piece argues that Bayley, aka Pamela Martínez, has the potential to eventually take up the mantle.

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Chicago Reader, "Queer Women Are Shaping Chicago's Black Lives Matter Movement"

Danielle Scruggs

This Chicago Reader article celebrates the black, queer and trans people that have always fought for racial equality but haven’t always been featured at the forefront of this movement. This piece profiles five black women, including Afro-Latina poet Kristiana Colón.

Read it here.


Keeping It 1600 with Tom Pérez

In this week’s episode of Keeping It 1600, Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer chatted with Tom Pérez – the current United States Secretary of Labor – about the current election season. Pérez explained why he backs Hillary Clinton, and talked about feeling inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights.


New York Times, "The C.E.O. of ‘Hamilton’ Inc."

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

This in-depth New York Times piece looks at how Hamilton‘s lead producer, Jeffrey Seller, is managing the wildly popular Broadway show. Lin-Manuel Miranda describes Seller as “incredibly smart creatively,” but “never prescriptive.”

Read it here.


Vice, "Undocumented College Students Share How Deportation Relief Changed Their Lives"

Sara Combs

On June 15, 2012, President Barack Obama announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program meant to give young immigrants a chance to pursue higher education and to legally work in the United States. Because of the upcoming four-year anniversary of DACA, Vice reached out to five people to learn how the measure changed their lives.

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