6 Long Reads You Should Check Out This Weekend

Lead Photo: Jessica Weiss
Jessica Weiss
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With the demands of work, school, and adult life in general, setting aside time to read long-form stories is challenging. And if you collect articles on your browser, perhaps you’ve amassed an intimidating number of tabs by the end of the week.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up a collection of stories you should queue up this weekend:


"The Eater Guide to Mexico City"

Helen Rosner

On March 21, Eater released a guide to Mexico City’s cuisine comprised of over 30 articles. The series looks at everything from how not to sound like a noob when ordering to finding the perfect taco stand to exploring what subways have to offer.

Read it here.


The Guardian, "Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco"

Photo: Gabrielle Lurie for the Guardian

This week, The Guardian reported on the 2014 shooting death of Alejandro Nieto – a 28-year-old bouncer. The heartbreaking piece explores how gentrification made him an outsider and a threat.”Nieto died because a series of white men saw him as a menacing intruder in the place he had spent his whole life. They thought he was possibly a gang member because he was wearing a red jacket.”

Read it here.


Buzzfeed, "The Hero of Sé"

Photo: Flavio Melgarejo for BuzzFeed News

Erasmo Francisco de Lima heroically saved a woman held hostage at a São Paulo cathedral – only to have the gunman kill him moments later. A video capturing the homeless man’s death became viral. This BuzzFeed article questions whether the video will help Brazil’s poor or if it’s just something de Lima’s family will never escape.

Read it here.


The Sporkful, "Other People's Food"

Rick Bayless is a celebrated chef of Mexican cuisine – only he’s not Mexican. The Sporkful tries to answer what the difference is between culinary cross pollination and cultural appropriation, including looking at why it is that oftentimes the most successful chefs of “ethnic” food do not belong to that ethnicity.


Miami New Times, "Cuban Tattoo Artists Battle Bureaucracy and Censorship"

Allison Dinner

Cuban tattoo artists have operated in the gray area for some time. Last May, the government raided Havana tattoo shops and forced many artists to shut down or scale back. Despite this, the tattoo business is booming. This Miami New Times piece looks at the underground tattoo scene, and how it’s challenging the Castro regime.

Read the piece here.


Bleacher Report, "As Their Careers Diverge, LeBron and Carmelo Share Unique Friendship"

It’s no secret that the stars of the NBA draft class of 2003 are tight. Bleacher Report dives into the relationship between the top two picks – LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony – and how their careers have wildly differed in terms of team success.

Read it here.