Practice Self Love on Valentine’s Day With These Wellness and Spiritual Healing Brands

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may have turned your focus on to finding something to impress your S.O. But this Valentine’s Day, we propose centering yourself. After all, 2018 is gearing up to be another difficult year, making self care extremely crucial. While this practice looks different for everyone, we think natural and traditional healing – which has seen a surge in popularity in recent years – can help bring you the peace of mind.

Since we don’t always see our own healing traditions in authentic ways – that is, made and sold by us – we’ve rounded up a collection of Latina-owned stores and services that focus on physical and spiritual healing. The businesses below are all dedicated to using remedies and methods from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean to restore balance.



Bronx-born artist Lynsey Ayala launched BreadxButta, a Brooklyn-based brand focusing on wearable fine art pieces and healing through plant medicine. She makes each of her wearable pieces by hand. And every herbal wellness product goes from farm to customer. She’s launching a new line, Botanica, on February 9th at Urban Asanas in Brooklyn. Botanica will feature CBD wellness products and herbal healing infusions, and the event will discuss CBD as a tool for deepening meditation, connecting mind, body and spirit.

But if you can’t catch her in Brooklyn, Ayala is currently working on restocking her store with CBD bath soaks, CBD moon oil, and CBD healing salve.

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Curandera Remedies

Curandera Remedies is a wellness brand that Josie Castaneda, a Mexican-Cuban certified health coach and yoga therapist, created. Her shop offers artisanal apothecary remedies that will help revitalize your relationship to the sacred and natural world – helping to bring peace to your life.

With her work, Castaneda draws on her background. As outlined on her About page, her family is “rooted in the healing arts of curandería, shape shifting, and clairvoyance.” On top of offering wellness sessions and private consultations to focus on specific ailments, Castaneda also sells herbal oils, body potions, and therapeutic eau de parfums.

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Tatianna Tarot

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#Tarot #Meditation // the Sun + 3 of Pentacles | 2•4•18 . The #Sun makes another #pleasant appearance, gifting us awareness on a new chapter emerging in our lives. The Sun's task is to #shine and illuminate the path for others; seeing this card can suggest that you are about to do the same in your life. It may be time for your recognition, #honor and respect. Here we greet #positive news, embrace #joyful days and celebrate strong vitality that we are blessed with. We are clear on our purpose and destination, or have made great leaps and #breakthroughs regarding a particular challenge in our lives – as a result, we feel that we are in alignment with cosmic favor and that we are "winning." The 3 of Pentacles reminds us to keep our eyes on the prize during this new transition. Our #focus and aim should be as sharp as ever with no room for excuses or lower vibrations to meddle with progression. The 3 of Pentacles highlights the importance of working with a team, finding your own, leading with conviction and trusting that everyone's unique skills and talents will be harmonious & for the best of all involved. It is time to work, to promote your #genius and #vision and to find likeminded individuals whom are down to grind with you. The Sun + 3 of Pentacles can represent the sweet glory of a #victory for you all and the promise of more blessings to come. It can bring forth a #opportunity to take on a new role that perhaps you've never seen yourself in or allow yourself to be portrayed in a different light. The 3 of Pentacles suggests that you promote yourself, that you socialize with others and make meaningful connections. Sky's the limit at this time. You never know who you may be able to influence for the better with your ideas and ways of being. These cards can bring forth an important group to join, or highlight the important role that a group/organization plays in your life at this moment. Take nothing for granted; everything is as it should be and the collective will be benefitting all involved.

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Tatianna Morales, aka Tatianna Tarot, is an intuitive tarot therapist and ritual practitioner, medium, spiritual consultant, teacher, and energetic healer based in New Orleans. With more than 20 years of experience, she provides her services as a means of alternative therapy to aid others in gaining higher personal power, intuitive/psychic awareness abilities, and to facilitate healing through a deeper connection with spirit.

Tatianna credits both sides of her family for her gifts. Her mother’s family is Black, Haitian, Indonesian, Native American, and Polynesian. Her dad’s side is Puerto Rican. “On my father’s side, there are some traces of members who have connected with the Lucumi/Santería practice, but no one close to me,” she tells Broadly. “… For whatever reason right now, brujas are really trendy. And I think that there’s pros and cons to that. Like, hell yeah – ideally we are really all brujas and brujos. My definition is honing in on your personal power and working with the energies around you to create the life that you want. So ultimately, we all are capable of that. But it’s important to know that people have been doing it way before we have been doing it And it’s important to know and respect that knowledge, those people, and where it came from.”

Tatianna is currently working on an online store, but if you want to book her (she offers sessions in person, over the phone, and through Google Hangout), learn how to do that here.


Chiquita Brujita

Chiquita Brujita is a third-generation Nuyorican bruja who also dabbles in event production. You can catch her co-producing Latinx events around New York and making altars in the club. But she also offers readings of her own divination system using loteria cards (one of her services includes being a “digital dancing fortune teller for your homegirls’ bachelorette”) and sells sleekly designed prayer candles. Her Tres Mujeres collection features a set of three candles that represent Yemaya, Ochun, and Oya. “Let the multiple energies of the divine feminine light your path,” the product’s description reads.

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Emilia Ortiz

Emilia Ortiz is a New York-based Boricua and bruja. She’s kind of like Walter Mercado meets Oprah, with the realness of Trina. She aims to provide healing and spiritual understanding to those who often find themselves excluded from this world. Feeling she couldn’t relate to others in the spiritual community, she decided to become the voice her community needed. Spiritual healing can be costly and inaccessible, so she focuses on offering healing to all – especially people of color.

“I gotta do it in a way that makes it acceptable and relatable to other people that I felt were being left out of the conversations,” she tells Paper. “Because this is cultural for so many of those people, and in one way or another, and yet more often than not, we’re left out of the conversation because we often feel like yeah, I just don’t like that I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, I can’t relate to this shit. Like, you know, you’re a little too yogi for me.”

Though based in New York, Ortiz – who recently teamed up with Paper to offer 30-second therapy videos – offers sessions to people all across the world through phone calls and FaceTime. (She’s working on setting up Google Hangouts in the future.)

Head to her Instagram to learn how to book her.