5 Things to Know About the Master Piñateria Behind the Papier-Mâché Trump

Lead Photo: Piñateria Ramirez
Piñateria Ramirez
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While the rest of us are busy discussing/eye rolling the latest pop culture phenomena, the Ramírez family has already figured out how to make a piñata out of it. Piñateria Ramírez, located in Reynosa, Mexico is responsible for giving you a legal way to come at Donald Trump with a stick. They’re the ones who made the Kim Kardashian Paper Mag cover into a piñata, along with Caitlyn Jenner, Miley Cyrus, the cast of The Fast and the Furious, 50 Shades of Grey-themed piñatas and pretty much anything that has ever been a trending topic.

It’s no coincidence the Ramirez’s creations continue to go viral; the family has 30 years worth of experience.

Daltón Javier Ávalos Ramirez and his five siblings work on the piñatas together, and here’s what you need to know about the family business.


The piñatas are designed with your grownup pachangas in mind.

The shop, which sometimes produces Rated R piñatas, started getting inspired by celebrities and pop culture when it decided that piñatas weren’t just for young children. “Well the idea to make celebrity piñatas started because we thought of opening a shop for people who weren’t such little kids and to also look for a way to express ourselves on different popular topics,” Daltón told us.


This is what they would say to Donald Trump.

Like many Latinos, Daltón and his family were upset after he said the Mexicans coming into the United States were rapists. “I would tell him to think before he speaks because his words might encourage discrimination against people who are dedicated to working in an honorable way,” Daltón said. “The fact that we don’t have a paper to tell us we are American citizens doesn’t give him the right to stereotype the Mexican and Latino community, who work harder than he has ever worked in his entire life.”


Their latest creations are posted on Facebook.

The Ramirezes are Kardashian-level good at Facebook. They regularly share images of their piñatas in front of their building’s bright pink wall. Daltón credits social media with helping get their piñatas seen by people around the world. “Previously, there wasn’t any way to represent our work, and with [the rise of social media] we have the opportunity to bring our work to different parts of the world, even though we are a small family business and we still need a lot to grow,” he said.


Building the Trump piñata has been a highlight.

The Kim Kardashian piñata may have been one of the most popular, but the Trump one has been Daltón’s favorite. “It’s not the most elaborate, but it’s my favorite because it let me express myself against him and gave me the opportunity to receive messages from people in the United States who don’t think like him,” he said.


The piñata makers aren't on Team Kim or Team Amber. They're Team Both.

The Ramirezes have created piñatas inspired by both women’s bikini images, and they even peacefully lived together.