Will Smith Loves Bomba Estéreo and Speaking Spanish

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Will Smith – Bomba Estéreo’s BFF – turned 47 today. Just like he congratulated them on their Latin Grammy nominations, they sent him a special message for his birthday. From what we can quickly gather, the Fresh Prince and Bomba Estéreo met once (because this seems to be the only pic that exists and ‘gram or it didn’t happen) and have been besties ever since.

We may never get an answer as to why these two have so much love for each other, but we do know that Will is interested in Latino culture. Whenever he goes on interviews with Spanish-language media, he makes an effort to speak Spanish, even if he feels he has to apologize along the way. But if you put him on a Jeb Bush to El Bloombito espanyolz scale for non-native speakers, he’s closer to Bush side of the spectrum.

Check out 5 times Will’s busted out his not-so-bad Spanish:


On the red carpet

He struggled a bit through it, but he’s able to form coherent sentences.


On a trip to Argentina

Eventually, he switched to English, but he obviously came to Argentina prepared. He even did a bit of an Argentine accent.


On a variety show

He couldn’t understand Spanish too well at this point, but he was working with a Spanish teacher. He said that though the people of the United States mostly speak one language, he wants to know two.


On a Spanish song

Pretty good sport.


While Jaden Smith Looks On

Jaden needs to catch up.