5 NYC Art Exhibits You Should Check Out This Month

Lead Photo: Amelia Peláez
Amelia Peláez
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Mingle with art admirers, collectors and casual passersby to check out these new works. And don’t forget to grab a free glass of wine…or three.

Basquiat : Words are all we Have

This show will focus on the literary and linguistic genius inherent in Basquiat’s paintings. The curator Dr. Dieter Buchhart wants to demonstrate how Basquiat created a new visual language by tearing down borders between visual and oral expressions. Accompanying Basquiat’s most well-known paintings will be his inspiration notebooks recently exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. The show will be on view until June 11th, 2016.

Nahmad Contemporary
980 Madison Avenue, Third Floor
New York, NY 10075

Rey Parla: Borderless

Pools of toxic cracked ice, microchip designs, or a starry night sky you might imagine on acid are what the C-prints by Cuban-American artist Rey Parla look like. They’re called “Scratch I Graphs,” and they’re made using photographic chemicals. Parla aims to reference how humans have scratched lines on the surfaces of objects on Earth since the beginning of time. The opening was Friday May 6th at 8pm and the show is up until May 28th.

Happy Lucky No. 1
734 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216



Check out the new show at AZART gallery in the Lower East Side that’s showing a group of renowned street artists. Exhibitors will include Indie 184, Sonni, Lala Abaddon, Jef Aerosol, AM DeBrincat, Jeremy Penn, JPO, Kip Omolade, KURAR, Lambros, Lizzie Gill, Ray Dust, Sylvain Tremblay, Timur York, and Yueyin Hu. The work will be on view until May 15th.

AZART Gallery
51 Orchard street
New York, NY 10002

Diálogos constructivistas en la vanguardia cubana

Cuban painters Amelia Peláez, Loló Soldevilla, and Zilia Sánchez are the exhibitors in this show about geometric and constructivist painting in the Cuban vanguard. All three painters showed their work at the Lyceum Women’s Club gallery in Havana, and were all cosmopolitan travelers and students of the world. The show will close June 25th.

Galerie Lelong
528 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001

The Heart of the Matter

Colombian abstractionist Carlos Salas, who recently exhibited at Art Basel with his show ‘Latin America and the Global Imagination,’ has a show at White Box. His work aims to explain the human condition through art, by blending ideas of Jungian philosophy and Joseph Campbell’s odes to a lost mythological consciousness. The show is on view through May 29th.

329 Broome Street
(Between Bowery and Chrystie)
New York, NY 10002