Rep. Xavier Becerra’s Stirring DNC Speech Honored Immigrants Who Work Thankless Jobs

Lead Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images
Drew Angerer / Getty Images
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On the last day of the Democratic National Convention, Representative Xavier Becerra started his speech in a way that only the child of immigrants could. “Good evening. Buenas Noches. Thank you,” he said. “Hey, how about we thank all the volunteers, all the police officers and security, the workers who set up, cleaned up, fed us, who made this convention a success?”

He then asked the audience to raise their hands if their parents or grandparents immigrated to the United States before going into his own family’s history – more clearly explaining why he appreciates those who work thankless jobs. “[My father] would leave for work long before my three sisters and I would get up for school,” he said. “When you work in the fields and in construction, you rise with the sun. In winter, when Sacramento turned cold and rainy and construction jobs disappeared, my dad would somehow find other work laying a tile floor, canning tomatoes, or hauling someone’s trash.”

Becerra, who knows firsthand the value of school, also talked about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s plans for education. He said that while Clinton’s comprehensive education platform focuses on lowering student debt and building schools, Donald Trump’s can be summed up by the highly questionable Trump University.

And then, he really unleashed that ether. “I can’t tell you if this man has ever had a callus on his hands. Does he know the price of a gallon of milk? A loaf of bread? And why don’t we know about his tax returns? Why won’t he release his tax returns? Why won’t he show the American people who he is?

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