4 YouTube Videos that Prove that Mexico’s Hottest Club is…Sam’s Club

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We can think of no better way to kick off Remezcla’s newest, most heartwarming series, YouTube Hall of Fame, than by showcasing beloved king of the retail dance floor Edgar Ramos, a.k.a. unabashed discount shopping partystarter Spirit Animal.

Ramos first came across our radar in a Sam’s Club performance immortalized by cell-phone footage, where he danced to Colombia’s carnaval theme song/viral hit/creeper anthem “Serrucho” to his wildest heart’s content. We were thrilled to learn that Ramos has taken his talents to other retail outlets across southern Mexico, luring in passersby with his charm.

We invite you, dearest reader, through a montage of his finest moments.

The Sam's Club "Serrucho" Performance that Started it All


Yes this is 3:13 minutes of your life that you will never get back. And yes, this is the best possible way to spend these precious moments, my fellow mortals. Watch Sr. Ramos amass a crowd while he barely skips a champeta urbana beat. Soundtrack provided by Mr. Black.

"Tekila" by Stereo Kumbia


¡Tequila! Edgar Ramos is not confined to retail outlet walls, or genre boundaries. Here he steps into cumbia turf, and wastes no time before raising the Telcel roof.

"Bailan Rochas y Chetas" by Nene Malo

When words do not suffice…

Serruchomania Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Strength in numbers is a real thing. Ramos recruits a team for an outdoor “Serrucho” reprise this time around, creating a choreographed (all-star?) dance line with emcee in tow.