From Raquel Welch to Rosario Dawson: Two Decades of Latino Voter PSAs to Get You Through October

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You keep hearing it because it’s still true: Latinos can and should be the decisive vote in this election. As Latino political activist Willie Velasquez put it back when he was fighting for voting registration: “su voz es su voto.” Yet despite the rising demographic numbers of Latinos in the United States, the Latino vote remains, as many dub it, a “sleeping giant.”

With so much at stake in this election (from immigration reform to women’s health, from LGBT rights to tax cuts), it’s no surprise that political and cultural leaders have come out in full force to encourage Latinos to come out to the polls in November. But while there’s definitely been more of a drive this year to target the rising number of Latinos eligible to vote, voting public service announcements are a staple of our political process.

Everyone from Jennifer Lopez and Rita Moreno to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Pitbull have at one point or another buckled down and shot videos urging people to register to vote and head to the polls. We’ve listed our 12 favorite below.


Raquel Welch, Liz Torres, Jennifer Lopez & many more urge Latinas to "Come Together And Vote"


Rita Moreno reminds you "Don't Be Left Behind... Vote!"


Ana Ortiz & America Ferrera want you "To Voice Your Vote"


Lin-Manuel Miranda makes the bilingual PSA to end all bilingual PSAs


Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and more proudly state that "United We Win"


Rosario Dawson & Wilmer Valderrama star in "La Pasión De La Decisión"


Univisión wants you to do the math and register to vote


Demi Lovato, Tony Plana, Michael Peña & more star in Voto Latino's "The Enforcers"


Voto Latino asks "Who Are You Showing Up For?"


Pitbull is clear "It's Your Country... Represent!"


Rosario Dawson wants you to "Crash the Parties"


Orange is the New Black's Jackie Cruz & Diana Guerrero want to make sure you're registered