5 Reasons To Watch This Hysterical Webseries About a Bronx Couple Trying to ‘Get Some’

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Welcome to Get Some, a new webseries that centers around a forty-something Nuyorican couple that aspires to keep their bedroom situation on point and that means aphrodisiacs, toys, foot rubs, and negotiations over oral sex firstsies. Sam (Angelo Lozada) is a line cook who dreams of becoming a celebrity chef and Viv (Tammi Cubilette) is a substitute teacher looking for what’s next. Despite the curve balls life throws their way, Sam and Viv can always count on each other to keep the rat race, well, racy.

The series is successful on various counts: it’s funny, unapologetically raunchy and deals with pre-millennials who still have a life — a milestone that is bewildering even to them. Here’s five reasons you should check it out.


Awkward silences be damned!

Get Some is an ode to the ill-timed sex joke… cause they’re actually funny, people. And I, for one, feel vindicated that someone has finally figured it out. The show is full of inappropriate comments and intrusive questions about private matters that yield laughs but more importantly verbalize exactly what you were thinking.


Forget career goals, orgasms should be your only source of serotonin

Sam and Viv’s demanding libidos and search for pleasure is the central conflict in a show that cleverly incorporates the real-life predicaments of two late-bloomers living in New York. They survive the city even as big dreams are compromised due to the recession; institutionalized inequality instills a sense of powerlessness; and (seemingly) ample opportunity leads to confusion about career goals. So is there life after a dream deferred? Yes, and it glistens with bodily fluids.


Masturbation is not a competitive sport

It’s actually a collaborative activity, which really should be the principle with which we approach life generally. Get Some candidly tackles some important relationship questions such as should you masturbate even when your boo is in bed, sleeping next to you? And, more importantly, does that one even count??


Not all vibrators are created equal

The series episodes expand Sam and Viv’s world to incorporate a diverse group of friends and family. There are cameos from notable Latin@ actors such as Selenis Leyva from Orange is the New Black and Liza Colón-Zayas of Nurse Jackie. Leyva does a great job as Viv’s #selfie snapping, demi-gangster sister. Equally, Colón-Zayas fully takes on the role of Sam’s nosey and quick-tempered sibling. The entire cast projects a fresh, anything-can-happen energy that’s fun to watch.


You can get it if you really want it

All of the cast and crew has been kicking around the biz for some time so it’s nice to see them combine efforts for this webseries. It’s proof that given a little mood lighting, some Buika on the radio, a group of roused collaborators — hey, things may just happen for you. Director Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez is also a seasoned editor, a skill that shows given the episodes’ effortless pacing. Joseph and Gloria La Morte, a husband and wife producing team, have been making media with a Latino slant for over thirteen years. The look of the show is lo-fi, no frills, but that doesn’t even matter because the performances, the dialogue, the way the show nicely comes together, envelops you in orgy-like fashion. Sooo, who wants to go first?