5 Videos From Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen’s Más Mejor Comedy Site That Made Us LOL

Lead Photo: Horatio Sanz. Photo by: Alfred Maskeroni
Horatio Sanz. Photo by: Alfred Maskeroni
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Lorne Michael’s company Broadway Video launched Más Mejor last Wednesday. The digital comedy platform has been blowing up social media promoting their aesthetically pleasing sketches. They have uploaded seven videos so far. We’ve watched all of them, so you don’t have to. I kid, go watch them yourself and form your own opinions. But, if you’re feeling lazy yet still want to be part of this conversation, fall into our arms as we go over the current Más Mejor content. Más Mejor promised us “more voices, more better.” Read below to see if they delivered.


Live It to Believe It - Mexico City

The sketch is making fun of Mexico City’s current tourism campaign, Live it to Believe It, with one caveat, If you can survive it. I appreciate that they gave the girls English accents. I’m also down with the contrast between the imagery and the soundbites. We’ve all seen pictures of our friends having a ball somewhere exotic when in reality they sweated in a dingy public bathroom. Heck, I said yes to the wrath of Montezuma in India. My only hope is that Más Mejor keeps the concept going, because I’d love to see their take on What’s your L.A. story?


Seeing Eye Dog For Social Media Junkies

The title says it all. They are pitching us an eye dog. I know one too many people who could benefit from this. It’s a cute sketch. Favorite part: “Now you can see a Lasagna in Sepia.”


The idea behind it is that Trump will analyze your DNA and tell you what he thinks about you. The winner in this topical-political sketch is the writing. “And as an added bonus if you order the Trumpcestry gold package they’ll give you a one way ticket back to where your family came from.” I only wish Trump was smart enough to get this joke. Darn.


Cool Cop

This is the story of Officer Garza, a cop desperately trying to prove he’s a cool cop after being suspended for excessive force use on an African American man just checking his phone. This one’s great. Instead of parking tickets he leaves motivational notes like, stay on fleek. It’s shot like a hip hop video and the voiceover is velvety and lovely. At the end Cool Cop fails at being cool. I was little iffy on the Trayvon Martin reference then I thought about how it’s actually a clever way to point out how frivolous police interactions have become in general. And that that’s the point of the sketch. Plus, Nick Kroll has a rule about race in comedy, it goes something like this, if it does not make you cringe and doesn’t come from a bad place it’s ok. This one made me actually laugh out loud not just type LOL.


Toy Collectors #1

This is my favorite. This one’s ridiculous. La musiquita al principio me mata. It’s Fred Armisen and Horatio Sanz opening up pop culture relevant toys in Spanish with Cuban accents. The premise is two toy collectors in Cuba make Unboxing Videos on YouTube. It’s full of absurd lessons like if you’re opening a Sons of Anarchy toy, don’t. Armisen warns, “15 años. Si tienes 10 años, 14, cualquier cosa, no se juga con esta cosa. Dejálo. Okay?” Also, there’s a magnificent lesson on how to pass scissors from one person to another.