7 J.Lo Movies Perfect for a Weekend Marathon

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
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Jennifer Lopez, the multi-hyphenate entertainment legend, knows how to juggle endless projects at once while looking flawless and giving us all of the life we can possibly stand. The actress, singer, dancer, producer, and mom delivers movies, music, television shows, and jaw-dropping social media posts every year and we are here for it.

Above all else, J.Lo’s acting has been a constant in our lives since we were children. You know how much Mami liked to see the Boricua talent grace the living television on movie nights. We can still quote every line to Selena and will never forget the epic fight scene from Enough.

J.Lo’s ability to transform into different characters is something we all admire and we want to take you along as we stroll through memory lane and revisit some of J.Lo’s best movies. Get yourself ready because you might just end up having a J.Lo movie binge day or weekend.



We have to start with her most iconic role as the one and only Selena Quintanilla. Her portrayal of the musical icon in Selena catapulted her to unimaginable fame. Selena fans cling to the movie, which is a touching and wonderful homage to the singer, and it gave J.Lo the biggest break into an acting career any actress could have ever dreamed of receiving.



We saw a different side to J.Lo in the thriller movie Enough. It was the first time we had to see our burgeoning queen fight for her life and there was nothing we wanted more than for her to win. The pulse-pounding thriller was a very active role showing her stamina and strength as she fought to save hers and her daughter’s lives. If you need to feel like you take over the world, Enough is one motivating movie.


Maid in Manhattan

An argument can be made that Maid in Manhattan is a more sedated version of Pretty Woman and that’s fine by us. J.Lo’s character in the movie gets caught up in a lie about being someone she is not and it is something that really resonated with us. She wasn’t ashamed of who she was and being able to play a rich lady to date a guest of the hotel seems like a romantic idea, until they find out the truth.


The Wedding Planner

This one is a classic. We have all seen the jokes made of the scene in the office with exaggerated rear ends knocking things off of the desk. That kind of cultural relevance is something entertainers wish they could achieve. We love to see J.Lo finding her love on the big screen and while The Wedding Planner involves some heartbreak for the bride, we secretly all cheered for J.Lo to get her man.



Monster-In-Law took J.Lo’s acting career to a whole other level. Who would have ever imagined that J.Lo would literally be sparing with Jane Fonda and being paid for it? Watching her character try her best to be the best daughter-in-law to an uncaring mother-in-law is relatable. No matter what she did, it never seemed to be enough and we all know a suegra or two that have treated our friends the same way. Fortunately, it all works out for J.Lo and we love to see it.


Boy Next Door

Boy Next Door was an interesting movie for J.Lo fans. The story first told in Fatal Attraction takes a twist with a young man pining for an older woman who he has become obsessed with. The story takes several dark and scary twists as the young man does everything in his power to pursue his love interest. It is a cautionary tale about going too far with your desires.



Hustlers was a huge hit for all the right reasons. Sex, crime, and beauty all converge to tell the tale of a group of erotic dancers who take matters into their own hands. After struggling for so long, four women find a way to make money from the wealthy Wall Street men who wander into the strip club and better their lives in the process.