7 Reasons Patrick and Richie Need to Get Back Together in Upcoming ‘Looking’ TV Special

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This past Sunday, marked the end of two seasons of HBO’s Looking playing cruel jokes with our hearts. We were promised new adventures in loving and living and the return of old flames. We cared about one in particular, Richie.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched either season, I will spoil it for you in the next few lines. You have been warned.

Looking is about a close group of friends, well, looking. Some are looking for a loving partner, others are looking for investors in a restaurant, one of them is looking for a prostitute willing to be taped while getting to know someone, ahem, carnally. All are enthralling pursuits. But, sometimes failed to hold my attention. However when Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Richie (Raúl Castillo) are looking at each other, my ADHD disappears.

Throughout the first season, Patrick and Richie had a stop and go relationship that culminated in a stop. Richie, mature and sensitive, bowed out. He was falling in love and felt Patrick wasn’t ready. Patrick whimpered, covered his eyes and we watched as a single tear traveled down his face. Richie gave him a kiss on the cheek and left. The season ended and we were left with sad hearts and heavy boots.

Then the trailer for season two dropped on the interwebs and our hearts were aflutter with possibilities.

Fast forward ten tension-filled episodes and no, sadly, they didn’t get back together. Even though both are in relationships with other people, this weekend’s season two finale made us optimistic. After a painful fight with his current love, Patrick goes running to Richie for emotional support (under the pretenses of needing a hair cut.) As members of #TeamRichie, we couldn’t have been happier.

Then, after only a few days of dreaming up fantasies of them getting back together in season 3, HBO straight up smashed our hearts to pieces. They just announced that Looking has been officially CANCELLED. As a minimally-comforting consolation, the story lines will be wrapped up in an upcoming TV special.

So, powers that be, here are 7 reasons Patrick and Richie need to get back together, like, ASAP.


The day they met.

Their meet-cute. All. That. Blushing. We knew they had something real from that first moment.


Their first date.

“You’re funny.” Response: “No, you’re funny.” You are both adorable, now, shut up and make out.


They cut work for bonding time.

Turns out both of them were chunkies! When you find a former chunkie, you are #bondedforlife.


Their boyfriend moment.

A simple and intense subtextual experience.


Their adorable fights.

Richie is all smiles. He just can’t help himself.


Their liplocks.

They NEED each other for oxygen.


Seriously, they need each other.

We feel the same way.