9 Best Animated Movie Characters Voiced by Latino Actors In Last Decade (Not From ‘Coco’)

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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When you think of animated Latino movie characters that have hit U.S. theaters over the last 10 years, the ones most likely to come to mind first are those from Pixar’s Oscar-winning animated film Coco. The 2017 film quickly became a source of pride for Latinx people everywhere. Remezcla called it “enchanting and dazzling” and “the standard-bearer of a positive example of what the Latino experience can look like on the big screen for years to come.”

But what about some of the other animated Latino movie characters that were overlooked in the last decade? Below are some of our favorites from U.S.-made films–in no particular order.

Honey Lemon, 'Big Hero 6'

The chemistry nerd is voiced by Cuban/Venezuelan actress Génesis Rodríguez and is one of the six superhero characters who set off on a mission to stop a villain from destroying the world via teleportation portal. Whenever she says the name of the main character, Hiro, she rolls the R–Hirrro.

Cruz Ramirez, 'Cars 3'

Mexican-American comedian Cristela Alonso lends her voice to the yellow, professional race car in the third installment of Pixar’s Cars series. She helps main character Lightning McQueen rehab and train for his next big race.

Mirage, 'The Incredibles'

Voiced by late Cuban-American actress Elizabeth Peña, Mirage talks lead character Mr. Incredible into returning to his superhero life, but has a sinister reason for doing so. She later gets punched in the face by Mr. Incredible’s wife, Elastigirl, who thinks she’s putting the moves on her man.

Manny, 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'

Armed with a video camera, Manny, who is voiced by Peruvian-American actor Benjamin Bratt, escorts weather intern Samantha Sparks around capturing footage of all the big food falling out of the sky. He reveals later in the film that he is a former doctor, comedian and pilot from Guatemala.

Bonnie Anderson, 'Toy Story 4'

Andy leaves all his toys with Bonnie at the end of Toy Story 3 before going to college. She has a bigger role in the fourth installment when she creates fan-favorite Forky during her first day at kindergarten and takes her toys on a road trip. The evidence we have that Bonnie is Latina is because her father is voiced by Mexican-American actor Jay Hernández. So, we’re totally claiming her.

Tresillo, 'Trolls World Tour'

The colorful, Reggaeton troll sports dreadlocks and is the leader of a trio of bounty hunters who is hired to capture Poppy, the main troll character. His backup dancers are trolls Marimba and Tambora. Tresillo is voiced by Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin.

Gazelle, 'Zootopia'

Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira gives voice to the Zootopian pop star Gazelle who is, in fact, a gazelle. She is also a predator-rights activist. She sings her popular single “Try Everything” during a concert at the end of the film for the animals of Zootopia.

Señor Flan, 'Rango'

The narrator of the animated Western is an accordion-playing desert owl voiced by Uruguay-born American actor George DelHoyo. He tells the story of the title character, an eccentric pet chameleon who lands in a small town where the citizens think he is a dangerous gunslinger.

Unnamed Brazilian Helicopter Pilot, 'Inside Out'

The character, who is a fantasy of the main character’s mom, only pops up a few times during the film, but the ongoing joke is effective. His only line is, “Come. Fly with me, gatinha!” It’s usually followed by women swooning.