These Are the Most Hilarious Memes From ‘La Casa de la Flores’ Season 2

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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Verónica Castro’s absence is inevitably felt in season two of Netflix’s La casa de las flores, but the show’s creator Manolo Caro and his all-star cast have found a new path to keep the comedic saga as entertaining as the previous installment of episodes that made it a viral phenomenon in 2018.

Consistently quotable, Paulina de la Mora (Cecilia Suárez) remains a fan favorite that’s now taken on a more central role. She is the new matriarch trying to piece together her family who’s in turmoil, but her signature way of speaking and prudish sass have returned untouched. One moment that’s been highly praised by viewers sees Paulina shutting down homophobia with a triumphant comeback.

This season’s most uproarious scene comes courtesy of “El Cacas” (David Chavira), Ernesto de la Mora’s (Arturo Ríos) former cellmate. He’s now a free man and re-connects with the family. Memes galore have already immortalized the reunion poking fun at toxic relationships and unexpected encounters.

Other memorable zingers that have become part of the online chatter include housekeeper Delia’s (Norma Angélica) advice for Elena (Aislinn Derbez) in regards to her propensity of jumping from one relationship to another. Wise but not bashful, Delia uses more crudely hilarious terms to describe what the young woman needs to give up in order to move on. Elena herself is at the center of some funny screenshots showing a failed presentation and her improper entrance into a church.

Feast your eyes on some of social media’s laugh-out-loud worthy memes celebrating the show.

La casa de las flores season two is currently streaming on Netflix.