New Heist, Same Team: Everything We Know About ‘La Casa de Papel’ Season 3

Lead Photo: Still from season 3 of 'La casa de papel.' Courtesy of Netflix
Still from season 3 of 'La casa de papel.' Courtesy of Netflix
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When Netflix acquired and re-cut the Spanish limited series La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) into two 13-episode seasons, the streaming service made the Álex Pina-created actioner a global phenomenon. Everyone, it seemed, was obsessed with this show about an attempt to print and steal billions of euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. Combining a breezy Ocean’s 11-type sensibility with a gritty and socially conscious political drive, La Casa de Papel became the kind of hit that demanded a third installment. Which is precisely what fans around the world will be getting once the series returns in July. Whether you’re catching up on it or eager to learn more about this upcoming season, we’ve compiled a list of everything we know thus far about the return of this binge-worthy show. Keep reading for a new trailer, new poster, and release date for La Casa de Papel season 3.

Season Two Wasn't an Ending But a New Beginning

La Casa de Papel is, as its English title more bluntly suggests, about a “money heist.” A mysterious character named El Profesor recruited an eclectic group of individuals to pull off the greatest heist in Spanish history. Their target? The Royal Mint of Spain. The first two seasons traced how they pulled off the multi-day plan and got away with it — not without suffering some losses. Except, now with a third season coming so soon, many endings now read as cliffhangers: What happened when Raquel found El Profesor? Have we seen the last of Berlin? Did Tokyo and Rio truly live out a happily ever after ending? Can all of those involved in the heist get away with such a publicized crime?

‘La casa de papel’ season 2 still courtesy of Netflix

A New Season Means a New Heist

If you thought the story of Profesor, Río, Nairobi, Tokio and company was done after the thrilling season two finale, think again. Many of the OG heist team escaped and made it safely out onto international waters, but when a key member gets apprehended, everyone gets back together for one last heist. They partake in a heist that looks to be even more elaborate and explosive than the one before, because this time — as the tagline tells us — it’s not about money, but about family. Here’s a look at the new trailer.

The Team's Back Together

With a new trailer also came a new poster, which lets us know just how many of your faves will be back. Compared to the beachside setting that opens the new season, the poster puts the characters right back in their signature red jumpsuits. It looks like we’re gonna get much of what made those first two seasons so thrilling to watch.

Courtesy of Netflix

Wait, Is Berlin ... Alive?

Ahead of the new season, the cast of La Casa de Papel got together to shoot the promo spots and videos. The sneak peek has an unlikely host: Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin on the show. Does this mean the fate of Berlin will finally be settled? Many assumed he’d died at the end of season two. Alonso, ever the jokester, notes that Berlin may or may not have survived. (You’ll have to tune in to find out!) Either way, that doesn’t stop him from bantering with his castmates during what looks like a super fun promo shoot.

Everyone's Back Because of the Fans

One thing that’s clear from Alonso’s interviews is that all his castmates are excited for the story they’re telling this time around. They wouldn’t be back had it not been for the love and excitement of its global legion of fans.

We Won't Have to Wait Long

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) returns to Netflix on July 19, 2019, for season 3.

Courtesy of Netflix