From Stand-Up Comedians to Activists & Actors Here Are 10 Accounts to Help Brighten Your TL

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Is the COVID-19 pandemic marking the end of celebrity culture as we know it? As millions across the world struggle to make rent payments and get adequate medical care, highlighting economic inequalities that show just how disenfranchised the working class (you know, those “essential workers” who are at the front lines of this current crisis) remains in the United States, videos of actors and musicians imploring us to “Stay Home” from the comfort of their large L.A. mansions can sometimes feel rather tone-deaf. But there’s no denying that in times like these, many of us are turning to music, comedy and Netflix shows to help pass the time — a reminder of how much we rely on artists.

But let’s be real, a lot of us are also spending an enormous amount of time online, whether checking out a new Tik Tok dance or enjoying the latest DJ set on Instagram Live — even watching our latest Self-Care episode! So we scoured the internet to find a number of celeb feeds that don’t make us cringe and instead help us make this situation a little more bearable. Whether giving us the funny or keeping us informed, make sure you’re following these celebrity social media accounts.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Whether serenading his followers with a new tune to raise funds for his Broadway community, sharing funny videos of his father dancing or giving us another update on his kids’ at-home antics, there is no purer social media feed right now than Miranda’s. The Tony winner has long encouraged positivity and it’s been heartwarming to see he’s not lost that amidst everything that’s going on.

Melissa Villaseñor

Comedians are, perhaps, best suited for great content at any given time. But we have to give it to Villaseñor for putting her on-point mimicry skills (and her artistic ones!) to work in order to give us some levity to help us pass the time. Also, keep up with upcoming SNL at Home dispatches which will sure keep bringing the funny from the comedian’s home.

Julio Torres

Speaking of SNL cast members, it should come as no surprise that Julio Torres‘ idiosyncratic comedy would make for a great escape from the hellishness of everyday life under COVID-19. Then again, Torres’ feed — which is often about those very “favorite shapes” he discussed in his HBO stand-up special — has always been surreal and hilarious enough to help us imagine a different world altogether.

Cardi B

Honestly, the Census ad alone would’ve been enough to include the Hustlers star on this list. But in between her outspoken Instagram Lives and posts, we have no option but to bow down to the one of the most down to earth celebs grappling with this crisis right now.

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Arturo Castro

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing an actor fully embracing the absurdity of the moment? There is no better example than Alternatino star Arturo Castro who, judging from his Instagram, is taking it one day (and one hilarious post) at a time.

Dani Fernandez

We shouldn’t be surprised to find Fernandez, known for her biting humor, to create the kind of content we all need right now. You know, the kind that make light of the situation while also reminding us that there is no better comedic fuel than a (totally true and not at all fake) rumor about Oscar Isaac.

Tony Revolori

Like many of us, Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Tony Revolori is taking this time to catch up on films. Thankfully for us he’s live-tweeting his experiences of watching the likes of Nacho Libre and Desperado.

Richard Cabral

If what you’re looking for is less escapist entertainment and more engaged social activism, look no further than Richard Cabral’s Instagram. The American Crime and Mayans M.C. star has been using his social media clout not only to raise awareness about prison reform but to share raw poetry that’ll help us get through this together.

Natalie Morales

Sunnyside and Parks and Recreation actress Natalie Morales (not to be confused with the Today Show anchor with the same name) has been sharing her favorite book with her Instagram followers. So if you’ve ever wanted to have The Little Prince read out to you, there’s no better time to start to following Morales than right now.

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You can start from the beginning in my last post 🙂

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Gina Brillon

Trust a stand up comedian to take a situation like “Quarantined and Pregnant” and turn it into a daily check-in that’s as funny as it is engaging. Tackling real life questions that are no doubt crossing the minds of many of her followers, Brillon is shining a light on what can be a scary situation for millions out there.