Here’s Everything Oscar Isaac Did at the 2016 Golden Globes, Because #Thirst

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Last night, Oscar Isaac – aka the Internet’s boyfriend – won his first Golden Globe for Show Me a Hero. Though Isaac has been around since the early aughts, 2015 was the year he became a mega celebrity, propelled mostly by his role as fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (You can catch up on his whole filmography here.)

By the time the Golden Globes rolled around, he had already charmed us with stories about his Star Wars-loving Uncle Guillermo, confessions about his ska band phase, and with the way he pronounces his name in Spanish. So we, along with the rest of the Internet, were on the lookout for all things Oscar last night.

So here are 8 things that happened to the Guatemalan-Cuban actor at the 2016 Golden Globes:


The most beautiful metal detector walk ever

Even from the moment he hit the Golden Globes red carpet, he was killing it.


He said he wasn't too big time

In one of his red carpet interviews, Oscar said he was very happy to be there and to speak to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. He also talked about proud he was about his work with Show Me a Hero. “I think it’s a very important story, and it’s a story that’s very relevant to what’s happening now,” he said.


He broke a million hearts.

After winning his award Oscar kissed longtime girlfriend Maria Miranda, and the Internet realized they didn’t have any chance.


He gave Mark Ruffalo a pat on the shoulder.

On his way up, he gave Ruffalo some love, and it was the kind of sweet moment the Interwebs would have loved had Oscar not just broken everyone’s hearts.


He kept it short with his acceptance speech.

There were a lot of long speeches that risked getting cut off, but Oscar Isaac just thanked three people and kept it moving.


He gave out his phone number.

Oscar Isaac though that anyone could freely speak about the plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens without getting hate, but a journalist explained that nerds would track him down if he spoiled anything. So Oscar decided to offer his phone number to anyone who wanted to discuss spoilers.


He talked about diversity.

When another journalist asked him if diversity issues in Hollywood were over, Oscar said that it is difficult for people who don’t look a specific way. “It’s still happening,” he said. “There’s not a lot of us, and it’s difficult for people that look not like the status quo in this country to get great roles. It’s happening a little bit more, and I feel humbled and honored and blessed to have the opportunity to do that, and hopefully that’ll happen more — that the people that cast films and TV shows will see past their limited ideas of what ethnicity is.”


He admired his Golden Globe.

Oscar admired his Golden Globe and then became a meme.