Junot Diaz, Blue Demon Jr, Danny Trejo & More Talk Manhood, Family, and Culture in ‘Habla Men’

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For more than a decade, HBO Latino’s documentary series, Habla, has given everyday Latinos and celebrities alike the chance to share their stories. In specials like Habla ya, Habla mas, and Habla Women, director Alberto Ferreras has given a voice to Latinos who we rarely hear from in mainstream media. Now it’s the guys’ turn. With notable appearances by Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz, actor and singer Carlos Ponce, the openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz, luchador Blue Demon Jr., and our favorite movie bad guy Danny Trejo, Habla Men premieres this week on HBO Latino.

Here’s a chance to meet the gentlemen (and a few ladies) from Habla Men.

Habla Men premieres October 10, 2014 at 9 p.m. on HBO Latino.

Danny Trejo, Actor

“You learn to act tough. Turn the other cheek is not good in prison, because then someone might be holding your cheeks.”

Rosie Castro, Mother of Julian and Joaquin Castro

“I had a job. Their job was to go to school and do well.”

Junot Diaz, Writer

“I spoke silence better than I spoke English or Spanish.”

Elmer Roldán, Activist

My mom told me, “I clean toilets so you don’t have to.”

Orlando Cruz, Boxer

“To tell the world that I’m gay, to tell the world how I really feel — eso es ser hombre.”

Barbra Herr, Transgender Actress and Activist

“It takes balls to become the woman that I’ve become.”

Rick Najera, Writer, Performer, Director

“We’re born into this culture and we’re here to explain it to the rest of the world.”