6 Guillermo del Toro Monsters That Will Keep You Up at Night

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Picturehouse
Courtesy of Picturehouse
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Oscar-winning director and producer Guillermo del Toro has always loved monsters. And over the last 28 years, many of those monstrous creations drawn from del Toro’s mind have been beyond scary. Whether these creatures are from an original story he’s written like his 1993 debut film Cronos or a blockbuster sequel like Blade II, del Toro can cause many sleepless nights for movie watchers. 

We’re sure he’ll have some horrifying things planned for audiences in his upcoming movie Nightmare Alley, which hits theaters December 17, 2021 and Antlers, which he produced and hits theaters October 29, 2021. Until then, here are the six we think are the most blood-curdling.

The Pale Man – ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

The carnivorous creature with sagging skin and a protruding rib cage lives in the underworld and feeds on children and fairies. The most disturbing thing about the character is that he can see things by placing his eyes in a pair of sockets located in the palms of his hands and raising them to his head. His design is inspired by Spanish artist Francisco Goya’s painting “Saturn Devouring His Son.”

Angel of Death – ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’

If you think a couple of eyeballs placed strategically in the palms of a monster’s hands is creepy, how about a dozen eyes spread across the wings of a demon-like angel? The character is said to be the embodiment of Hellboy’s own death. It’s raspy voice and skeletal features are the things of nightmares.

Reapers – ‘Blade 2’

A deadlier version of the vampire was created to eliminate the weaknesses in the vampire race through genetics. Reapers have a “three-way” jaw that splits apart while it feeds. Unlike the conventional vampire, it has resistance to silver and garlic. Also, it’s impossible to jam a stake through its heart because the organ is protected by thick bone.

The Crimson Woman – ‘Crimson Peak’

There are several terrifying ghosts in this 2015 film, but the one that is the most frightening is the Crimson Woman, an entity that looks like a human has been skinned and left with only its bloody flesh visible. The character rises from a bathtub to pursue the film’s main protagonist. Its head has been split open by a meat cleaver. Whatever is left of its face seems to be melting off its cheekbones.

The Jangly Man – ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

The grotesque creature makes its entrance as a severed head rolling across the floor. When its eyes open, it gives a sinister smile before the other portions of its hacked-up body begin to reassemble into a contorting mass of flesh and bone. It’s also really skillful at breaking necks.

The Pale Lady – ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

Don’t let that devilish grin fool you. The Pale Lady looks like a human made from leftover Play-doh. Her massive head and body and hollowed-out eyes would make anyone’s skin crawl. But don’t tell her that, or you might fall victim to one of her deadly bear hugs.

P. S. We had to include another monster from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark because this one is too scary to pass up.