Here’s Who We’d Like to See Host the Oscars in 2022

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The Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) ceremony will have a host for its 2022 edition, its first in three years. The announcement was made Tuesday (January 11) by ABC during a virtual tour for the Television Critics Association.

The last celebrity to fill the role was late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in 2018. And in February 2019, the Academy made the decision to move forward with the Oscar ceremony without a host. This would be the first time in 30 years that the awards show would not have one.

Now, with a host officially taking part in the 94th edition of the Oscars this March, people are speculating who will take the reins. Another talk show host? A beloved comedian? The only time in the 93-year history of the Oscars that a Latine celebrity was tapped to host was in 1972 and 1975 when the late singer, dancer, and actor Sammy Davis Jr. co-hosted the show. Davis Jr. was part Cuban.

Here is a list of Latine stars (and duos) we think would make fantastic hosts for the 2022 Oscars. The 94th annual Academy Awards will air live on Sunday, March 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Lin-Manuel Miranda

If you’re looking for someone who can sing, dance, and perform on stage, an obvious choice would have to be the Broadway superstar, who is bound to land an Oscar nomination this year for one of his songs in the animated film Encanto. These days, Miranda has his hands in just about everything in Hollywood, so we’re sure he could fit something like the Academy Awards into his busy schedule.


Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal

Oscar Isaac and his “sweet girlfriend” Pedro Pascal, who are BFFs in real life, are the epitome of a Hollywood bromance. So it would be nice to see that energy hit the stage for an evening of cinematic fanfare. Plus, even though we know there’s a chance they would act like total dorks when they got together to host, both would look great in matching tuxes, anyway.


Aubrey Plaza

The actress has hosted the Independent Spirit Awards before, so her experience doing that already gives her a head start against the competition. Aubrey Plaza doing deadpan on stage would be so uncomfortable and hilarious, who wouldn’t want to see the big stars cringe a bit? Like, imagine the star doing her own rendition of West Side Story to open the ceremony and then asking Steven Spielberg why he didn’t cast her as Maria?


Rita Moreno and Adriana DeBose

If DeBose lands her first Oscar nomination of her career for her supporting role in West Side Story, she will be in the same position as film icon Rita Moreno was when she earned the nom (and the win) 60 years prior for the same role. Imagine both coming out as co-hosts to represent the Golden Age of Hollywood and the future stars of the industry. Quick note: Last year, DeBose served as the pre-show Oscar host, so we think she’s ready for prime time now.


Gabriel Iglesias

Not only is the Academy looking for a showman (or woman), but they also almost always go for someone who can deliver a good joke, too. Who better to make people laugh than one of the most popular comedians working today? Gabriel Iglesias would probably have to leave his Hawaiian shirt and denim jeans at home and wear a tux, but maybe he could accessorize it with a fluffy cummerbund.


Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara always ends up on the list for best dressed Oscar attendees, so why not take that style, beauty, and class, multiply it by 100 and let her take charge of the entire evening? Her track record with Modern Family already proves she is funny, and she’s even hosted Saturday Night Live before, so it only makes sense to give her a shot. If not this year, soon.


Guillermo Rodriguez

Jimmy Kimmel’s loveable sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez has been to the Oscars plenty of times before. Kimmel usually sends him to conduct interviews with the stars on the red carpet prior to the event. He does a great job getting the celebs to cut loose, especially when he hides tequila inside his microphone and gets them to take shots. Some of those antics probably won’t work if he is a legit host, but his presence would help ground the ceremony a bit more, especially for viewers who find it a bit too stuffy for their taste.