In 2017, Mexicans Were No. 1 Bingers on Netflix

Lead Photo: Photo by Donald Iain Smith / Blend Images
Photo by Donald Iain Smith / Blend Images
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Recently on Twitter, Netflix revealed 53 people had watched its instant classic hit, A Christmas Prince, for 18 straight days. And while the streaming giant shed some light on its users’ habits, it pales in comparison to the data it released shortly after. In an article titled 2017 on Netflix – A Year in Bingeing, Netflix revealed unveiled some of its most popular shows of the year and the way we consumed them. Here are the most interesting things we learned.

The world watched the hell out of 'Ingobernable.'

For it’s “shows we devoured in 2017” category, Netflix documented the programs that we watched more than two hours a day. Ingobernable (starring Kate del Castillo as the first lady of Mexico) came in at No. 6.

People could not stop watching 'Narcos.'

Meanwhile, Narcos topped the list of shows that got us cheating on our boos – that is, many of us shamelessly continued to binge these shows, significant others be damned.

Mexicans watched A LOT of Netflix.

Mexicans watched the most Netflix on a daily basis. Other Latin American countries also ranked high on this list, according to People. Peru came in at No. 3, Chile at No. 5, Brazil at No. 6, and Argentina at No. 7.

In one Mexican household, Monsters, Inc. was viewed on repeat.

In Mexico, one Netflix user saw Monsters, Inc. 364 times in 2017. Meanwhile, a Colombian household watched Shrek 311 times, and a Peruvian streamer watched the same movie 226 times.