5 Times John Leguizamo Made Netflix’s ‘Bloodline’ More Than Just a Show About Rich White People

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Already in its second season, Netflix’s Bloodline seems like a series made by and for white people. Set in the Florida Keys, the show follows the rich, white Rayburn family who coincidentally owns The Rayburn House Inn (zero points for originality.) At the center of the action sits the Rayburn House (aka La Mansión). The show resembles every telenovela you’ve ever seen, except for the aforementioned white people at its center. It follows a convoluted web of lies and mysteries that boil down to sibling rivalry and them Benjamin$. It moves at a snail-like pace, the plotlines are implausible and yet, you just can’t help but get sucked in.

There are drugs, there are murders, and… there are Latinos! I know you can’t tell by the trailer but, I promise you, there are a couple of us in this season, and surprise — not all of them are corrupt cops, drug dealers or criminals! And by that I mean, there’s one honest (and beautiful) Latino cop, played by Enrique Murciano. Unfortunately, the rest perpetuate tired stereotypes of corruption and violence. Pero no importa because starting with episode three, we get to experience John Leguizamo, who is as creepy as he is tanned. Although Leguizamo plays a criminal, who cares at this point? He’s just so good at it.

You must be asking yourself, how does the Ghetto Klown fit in between Adirondack chairs? He doesn’t. He stands out and it’s great. He plays Ozzy Delveccio, an old Rayburn acquaintance. Ozzy has some secrets that he is ready to trade for some moolah. Like all good trouble makers, he will make want to watch more. Along those lines, here are five reasons to make John Leguizamo on Bloodline your next binge-watch.


Bachateo’, Yo

When we first see Ozzy, he licks a lollipop disturbingly. Needless to say, this makes it hard to focus on the action of the scene, or maybe that’s just me. Anywho, the second time we see him bachata is playing — like legit bachata. Romeo’s “Propuesta Indecente” to be exact. It made me so happy. I. Almost. Cried.



Ozzy Delveccio wears tasteless outfits. It makes sense for the character, so good job wardrobe department. It just doesn’t make sense to my eyes. He changes outfits like 100 times per episodes so the eyesores remain constant. If you loved Ozzy, you’d definitely tell him to reconsider his outfits before leaving his apartment. Also, you’d want to introduce him to dry shampoo.


Naked and Unafraid Leguizamo

I grew up watching John Leguizamo. He’s like a distant relative your family doesn’t talk about, but everyone has a really good story that involves him. So when I saw him naked, it was… unsettling. But then it got really funny. I started to think about the perils of smoking, drinking, and throwing a naked fit. Like, precious things could get burned. Be careful!


You’ll learn the polite way to accept a bribe.

This scene is so good. I’m not going to tell you about the episode because I want you watch it all. I want everybody that reads this to watch all of Bloodline and contemplate their existence. That’s what happened to me. Not just with this scene, but with Bloodline in general. This show numbs you. Luckily, not the scenes with Ozzy! Those are great! Check out this one where he accepts a bribe while giving a compliment. #ClassicOzzy


John Leguizamo is a great actor

His character has a solid storyline and Leguizamo plays him well. There are scenes where he goes from zero to 60 mph and back to zero in a sentence. He earns the seal of dopeness.