These are the Latino Nominees of the 2019 Academy Awards

Lead Photo: Netflix 2019 Golden Globes After Party on January 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Netflix 2019 Golden Globes After Party on January 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
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Hollywood woke up very early this morning to watch the announcement of the nominations for the 91st Academy Awards. As expected Alfonso Cuarón‘s Roma earned its fair share of nominations, leading the way with 10. In doing so, it also broke a number of records. Not only did the Participant Media-Netflix film become the streaming platform’s first Best Picture citation, but it also made its producer, Venezuelan Gabriela Rodríguez, the first-ever Latina to earn such a distinction. She shares the nomination with Cuarón, who is up for four awards himself (or five, if you count the Best Foreign Language Film category – it’s given to the country of origin though his name would go on the statue if Roma won). Moreover, both actresses who anchor the film found themselves honored in their respective categories, making Yalitza Aparicio the first actress of Mixtec and Triqui descent to be up for such an award.

Roma‘s Best Pic nomination also made it only the 11th movie in a foreign language to be nominated for the big award, the second one to feature Spanish (after Babel) and the first-ever to include Mixtec. The black-and-white pic’s bounty of citations means that this is now the fifth year in the last decade where Mexican-helmed films have dominated (Gravity, Birdman, The Revenant, The Shape of Water). That means plenty of below-the-line Latin Americans and Latinos will be attending the ceremony at the end of February. And yes, before you ask, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (aka Miles Morales) did make it into the Animated Feature category.

Take a look at the full list of Latin Americans and Latinos nominated below. (Spoiler alert: Not all of them are part of the Mexican film’s crew, we promise.)

The Academy Awards will be handed out February 24, 2019.

Alfonso Cuarón, Gabriela Rodríguez, Roma, Best Picture

Alfonso Cuarón, Roma, Director

Yalitza Aparicio, Roma, Actress in a Leading Role

Marina de Tavira, Roma, Actress in a Supporting Role

Sergio Diaz, Roma, Sound Editing

Jose Antonio Garcia, Roma, Sound Mixing

Alfonso Cuarón, Roma, Cinematography

Eugenio Caballero, Barbara Enriquez, Roma, Production Design

Roma, Foreign Language Film

Mexico picks up its 9th nomination to date in this category.

Alfonso Cuarón, Roma, Original Screenplay

Phil Lord, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Animated Feature Film

Cuban-American Phil Lord picks up his first nomination for bringing the story of Afro-Latino Miles Morales to the big screen alongside his other co-producers.

Frank A. Montaño, First Man, Sound Mixing