Netflix & Chills: 5 Latine Horror TV Series to Stream Before Halloween

Lead Photo: Credit: El Rey Network
Credit: El Rey Network
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If you plan to stream something terrifying on Netflix this Halloween season, there are several Latine TV series that might give you the kind of scares you’re looking for when the lights go out.

While Netflix doesn’t share its viewership numbers, it’s well known that in the past, Latine audiences have flocked to the theater to see horror in general more than any group of movie watchers. The pandemic has made it difficult to gauge how these numbers have changed over the last couple of years, but back in 2016, a survey conducted by Movio showed that 24% of ticket buyers to horror movies were Latine, compared to 18% for an average film. And that’s not even counting the numbers for TV series.

With that, we can only predict that Latine Netflix subscribers are currently tuning in to stream something scary, especially during this time of year. From an Argentine short animated series horror projects with a Latine twist, here are Latine horror TV series available for Netflix audiences throughout October. Here are a few you should check out:


Haunted: Latin America

The 2021 Mexican horror docuseries recounts some frightening stories from people in Latin America who have experienced the paranormal. The five episodes that make up the first season include tales of a creepy doll with a mind of its own and a young boy’s encounter with an evil spirit during Holy Week.


The Kirlian Frequency

The short, animated horror series from South America is five episodes long, and each story runs an average of eight minutes. The episodes are said to be narrated by a DJ from a lost Argentine city known as Kirlian. The narratives range from a werewolf tale to one featuring a woman who must confront dark forces when she becomes stranded.


Two-Sentence Horror Stories

The anthology horror series is currently streaming its first two seasons, with a couple of episodes featuring Latine characters and storylines. One of those episodes in the first season is “Hide,” which follows a Latina nanny (Greta Quispe) trying to keep the children she looks after safe from a pair of masked intruders.


Brand New Cherry Flavor

Set in the 1990s, an aspiring filmmaker (Rosa Salazar) journeys to Los Angeles where she hopes to shoot her short film for college but instead gets caught up with a witch (Catherine Keener) interested in revenge curses.


From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Based on director Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 horror film of the same name, the series used to broadcast on the now-defunct El Rey Network before moving to Netflix. Like the start of the original movie, the series tells the story of Seth and Richie Gecko (D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz), two brothers who get caught up in a life of crime and a world of vampires in Mexico. The Latine cast includes Jesse Garcia, Eiza Gonzalez, Wilmer Valderrama, Esai Morales and Danny Trejo.