If You Live in a Border Town, Here’s Where You Can See Pixar’s ‘Coco’ in Mexico Right Now

Lead Photo: Lombardo Boyar as the voice of the mariachi, Renée Victor as the voice of Abuelita and Anthony Gonzalez as the voice of Miguel. 'Coco' still courtesy of Disney-Pixar
Lombardo Boyar as the voice of the mariachi, Renée Victor as the voice of Abuelita and Anthony Gonzalez as the voice of Miguel. 'Coco' still courtesy of Disney-Pixar
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If you live in a city this side of the U.S.-Mexico border, grab your passport. Pixar’s newest animated film, Coco, is premiering at a Mexican movie theater near you starting October 27, almost an entire month before it opens in the U.S. market on the day before Thanksgiving (November 22).

Inspired by Día de Muertos, the animated feature, which made its world premiere at the Morelia International Film Festival last week, tells the story of Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), a young, ambitious guitar player who hopes to one day be a famous musician like his movie idol, the late Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). In pursuit of his dream, Miguel accidentally crosses over into the Land of the Dead where he meets a colorful cast of characters who teach him the true meaning of family.

Director, Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3) has called it a “love letter to Mexico,” while Mexican-American writer and co-director Adrian Molina said it was the type of project he dreamed of working on.  Coco stars a who’s who among Latino actors, including the aforementioned Bratt and Gonzalez, Edward James Olmos, Gael Garcia Bernal, Cheech Marin, Gabriel Iglesias, Jaime Camil, Alanna Ubach and Alfonso Arau, among others.

With a southern border extending close to 2,000 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of Mexican cities that will be opening Coco at their local theaters. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the border towns that dot the landscape of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California (or your willing to make the trip so you can see one of the most anticipated movies of the fall), start making plans. We’ll help.

Here is a list of theaters in Mexico that are driving distance from your home in the U.S. Most cinemas will be screening the Latin American Spanish dub of the film (without English subtitles), so make sure to check the theater’s website for details.

Coco opens in Mexican theaters on October 27 and in the United States on November 22.


San Diego-Tijuana

Cinépolis Plaza Río – Av. Paseo de los héroes No. 9550 local 133, Zona Río, 22320 Tijuana
Cinépolis – Paseo Ensenada #502 int. 36, Seccion Coronado Tijuana, 22505 Tijuana
Cinépolis Galerías Hipódromo – Calle Agua Caliente 11999, Hipodromo Agua Caliente, 22024 Tijuana


Cinépolis Mexicali – Calz. Cetys 1801, Local 1, Rivera, 21259 Mexicali
Cinépolis – Calle Novena s/n, Nuevo Mexicali, 21390 Mexicali
Cinépolis Centenario – Bv. Bénito Juárez s/n, Residencias, 21280 Mexicali


Cinépolis Tecate – Avenida Nuevo León No. 700 Loc 40, El Pedregal, Loma Alta, 21460 Tecate


El Paso-Juárez

Cinépolis Las Misiones – Blvd. Teófilo Borunda 8681, Partido Iglesias, 32618 Cd Juárez
Cinépolis Plaza Sendero Las Torres – Avenida de las Torres 2111, Valle de Bravo, 32000 Cd Juárez
Cinépolis Gran Patio Zaragoza – Blvd. Zaragoza 6008, Zaragoza, 32685 Cd Juárez

Laredo-Nuevo Laredo

Cinépolis Paseo Reforma – Avenida Reforma 5601, Infonavit Fundadores, 88275 Nuevo Laredo
Cinemex Plaza Real – Av. Reforma 4400, Fraccionamiento Monte Real, 88278 Nuevo Laredo
Cinemex Plaza dos Laredos – Calle 15 de Septiembre s/n, Campestre, 88278 Nuevo Laredo


Cinépolis Del Río Plaza Comercial – Carretera Reynosa-Matamoros s/n, Col. Antonio J. Bermúdez, 88727 Reynosa
Cinépolis – Carretera Reynosa-Monterrey 1000-Cine, Lomas del Real de Jarinchinas Sur, 88730 Reynosa
Cinépolis Citadina – Carr. A San Fernando 500, Balcones de Alcalá, 88796 Reynosa



Cinépolis Plaza Fiesta Matamoros – Plaza Fiesta, Avenida Pedro Cárdenas 110, Victoria, 87390 Matamoros
Cinépolis – Calle Avenida Constituyentes 300, Quinta Real, 87315 Matamoros
Cinemex – Av. Gral. Lauro Villar s/n, Las Palamas, 87448 Matamoros


Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras

Río Cinemas Cavisa – Lazaro Cardenas 1806, Juárez Ampliación, Buena Vista Nte, 26040 Piedras Negras
Cinemas Río Piedras Negras – Paseo de la Música, Tecnológico, 26080 Piedras Negras
Cinemex – Libramiento Manuel Pérez Treviño 2700, Tecnológico, 26001, Piedras Negras

Del Río-Acuña

Cinépolis – Lib. Emilio Mendoza Cisneros 2000, Aeropuerto, Subcentro Urbano, 26230 Cd Acuña



Cinépolis Nogales Mall – Blvd. El Greco 45, Local C, El Greco, 84066 Nogales

Yuma-San Luis

Cinépolis San Luis Río Colorado – Av. Sinaloa B 3309 A, Campestre, Jalisco, 83499 San Luis Rio Colorado

Douglas-Agua Prieta

Cine Mall – Carretera a Janos, Avenida 16 S/N, Agua Prieta