From Cops to Doctors: This Video Series Proves That Lowriders Are Not Just for Cholos

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Everyone has a vintage dream car. Mine is a 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider. Dream cars are unattainable, they’re the stuff of projections, of alternate lives we will never live. With their new web series Roll Models, however, Lowrider Magazine proves that dream cars do come true. They require passion, hard work, and lots of love.

Six episodes deep and directed by Kico Velarde, Roll Models is a series of portraits about people throughout the American west who own lowriders. Long perceived as the premiere mode of transportation for gang bangers, the folks featured in these mini-documentaries couldn’t be further from the stereotype; they’re parents, working professionals, and servicemen. They all belong to car clubs such as Groupe, Klique, and Bridge Town, organizations that really act like families providing everything from mechanical to emotional support to their members.

Each episode contains lots of engine details for motor-heads as well as slow-mo shots that linger over the pristine bodies of these well-cared-for vehicles. More importantly, we see the deep connection each owner has to their car and how they go from being simple machines to works of art that tell each person’s story. These bonds also extend to the people in their car clubs. The members form communities that live by a simple, old-fashioned, righteous set of values that, like the cars themselves, never go out of style.

Episode One: Steve Alvarez Mott

A doctor in East LA shows us you can be a physician and still keep your edge.

Episode Two: Miguel Alatorre

A veteran re-enters civilian life with the help of his car club and his 1959 Impala convertible.

Episode Three: Michael Grey

CFO by day, homie by night, this high-powered exec owns the perfect cherry-red Chevy Impala.

Episode Four: Sam Chaviria

A Phoenix fireman owns a “bomb” of a car that he customizes to fit his personality.

Episode Five: Margaret Garcia

A powerful story about a mother’s tribute to her deceased son and the community that rallied around them.

Episode Six: Rudy Campos

A son upholds his father’s memory by restoring and maintaining the Chevy Fleet Master that once belonged to him.