13 Latin American Candies We Want in Our Trick-or-Treat Bags This Halloween

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Halloween is near, and though there’s a specific thrill to getting the costume right or making your decorations look especially spooky, it’s hard to argue against the fact that candy is the real highlight of the holiday. That’s true for our communities as well, it’s just that our picks of Latin American candies are a little different than what we usually see represented in entertainment.

No one quite does candy like Latin America, and for a lot of people from our communities, there are specific Halloween candies that feel like a throwback to our childhoods — or even like carrying a little part of our heritage with us during the spookiest time of the year. 

From Bon Bon Bum to Alfajores Havanna, here are 13 Latin American candies we will always want in our treat-or-treat bag.


Bon Bon Bum

From Colombia’s Colombina, Bon Bon Bum “bubble gum suckers and their ever-innovating portfolio of bold, tropical, and daring tastes are ideal for those looking for a powerful blast of flavor.” Bon Bon Bum might look like a regular lollipop, but there’s always a surprise inside.

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Serenata de amor

From Brazil’s Garoto comes Serenata de amor, bom boms with “a cream and cashew-nut center, surrounded by crunchy wafers and an outer layer of milk chocolate” that hit that perfect mixture between sweet and crunchy so that you can never have just one.

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Chocolatina Jet

Colombia’s Compañia Nacional de Chocolates claims Jet chocolate “melts in your mouth” and its four-piece offers “a moment of unique sweetness, which is only enjoyed with a Jet Milk.” And, of course, there are more options than just the milk chocolate, including a spreadable version. 

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Vero Mango

Mexican brand Lollipops Vero’s Vero Mango is an authentic Mexican experience. “Vero Mango and Chili Lollipops are covered with chili pepper powder for a tangy, mildly hot taste and made with a sweet, artificially flavored mango that is sure to delight anyone’s taste buds.”

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Pelon Pelo Rico

Mexican brand Lorena’s Pelon Pelo Rico tamarind soft candy promises a “unique, spicy flavor in the form of squeezable jelly that is sure to entertain everyone who tries it.” The convenient size of each bottle makes it an easy Halloween snack, even if kids are unlikely to stop at one.

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Alfajores de Dulce de Leche

From Argentina’s Havanna, comes their famous Alfajor de Dulce de Leche, basically “two cookies filled with Dulce de Leche all covered with a delicate layer of Italian meringue.” But Havanna’s alfajor also comes in many other flavors, like chocolate, so there’s something for everyone.

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Frugelé Gomitas

Chile’s Ambrosoli Frugelé gomitas are more than just typical gummies or  “gomitas.” The “critic assorted chewy fruit candies” are instead the perfect addictive compliment to a trick-or-treat bag, with an array of different flavors to pick from in every package.

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Bocaditos de Coco

Puerto Rico’s Dulzura Borincana’s famous Bocaditos de Coco is a popular “coconut snack,” that promises to be the perfect candy to eat alone – or, if you’d rather, the perfect pairing for everything from a cup of coffee to ice cream.

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Another iconic candy from Colombia’s Colombina, Nucita is a “delicious chocolate, and vanilla flavored creamy candy with milk, which is similar to pudding or Nutella in its consistency,” the type of “creamy candy kids and young adults can enjoy anywhere, any time of day, anyway they want!”

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Venezuelan Cocosette, from Nestle, is “the best combination of cookie and coconut cream to awaken your senses and make each kiss an ideal moment.” If you love coconut, this one’s truly a must-have.

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Colombia’s Frunas, basically the Latin American version of Starburst candy, is a must-have in any trick-or-treat bag. The popular “super chewy candy filled with fruit flavor,” comes in Green Apple, Watermelon, Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, and Blue Raspberry flavors. 

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Mani Moto

Colombia’s Mani Moto, from Frito Lays, is a “peanut snack” with an outer hard shell made from flour. “Crunchy, sweet/salty, bite-sized, these Japanese-style peanuts meet all the requirements for becoming addictive!

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Super 8

From Chile, Super 8, made by Nestle is a “crunchy chocolate-covered wafer cookie” that is made with “ layers of crispy wafers and coated in rich, smooth chocolate.” Perfect for “snacking or sharing with friends and family, Super 8 wafer cookies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.”

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