The Top 10 Latin American Restaurants, According to the (Mostly White) Users of Yelp

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Just like Aziz Ansari‘s Master of None character, I have often wondered how we got by before Yelp. Statistical website Five Thirty Eight even used Yelp’s data to find the best burrito in the United States back in 2014 (it’s in San Francisco). Earlier this month, Yelp released its top 100 restaurants for 2016.

The crowd-sourced food ranking site says that the restaurants were those that people “must try within this lifetime,” but keep in mind, that an estimated 68 percent of Yelp users are gringos. Either way, here are 10 Latin American restaurants Yelp thinks you should try ASAP:


Porto's Bakery & Cafe, Burbank, CA

Veronica C./Yelp

Ranking: No. 1
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 3614 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe has been around serving up pastelitos, croquetas, and other Cuban cuisine since 1960. When Rosa and Raul Porto arrived in California, people had already heard of Rosa’s exceptional baking. So her husband worked as a mechanic in the day time, and at night, he delivered her cakes.

Eventually, Rosa couldn’t operate the bakery out of her home, and she opened a 300-square foot bakery on Sunset Boulevard.



Heather S./Yelp

Ranking: No. 3
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 4225 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA

Paseo Caribbean Food have been in the sandwich game since 1994. Paseo’s About Me section says, “At Paseo we are mostly known for our delicious and savory sandwiches, but have a tremendous following for our bodacious meals.” Their menu includes Havana seared scallops, a Caribbean roast, and grilled pork.

Nicole Y./Yelp


Los Agaves

Lorraine P./Yelp

Ranking: No. 16
Break the Bank Score: ??
Address: 600 N. Milpas St., Santa Barbara, CA

Los Agaves has four locations, but it’s the Milpas location that landed the restaurant on Yelp’s list. The most expensive plate is $16.95.


Tacos El Gordo

Sophie P./Yelp

Ranking: No. 17
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 689 H St., Chula Vista, CA

Tacos El Gordo opened its first restaurant in 1972. They currently have four locations. The one in San Diego opened in 1998, and the Las Vegas spot opened in 2010. They have a pretty simple menu.

Angela A.


Adobo Taco Grill

Sandra S./Yelp

Ranking: No. 25
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 5695 Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA

Adobo Taco Grill serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and vampiros. The restaurant prides itself on authenticity. Scroll down its Yelp page, and you’ll find a heavy use of the caps button.

Kelly G/Yelp


El Dorado Cantina

El Dorado Vegas

Ranking: No. 28
Break the Bank Score: ??
Address: 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas, NV

El Dorado Cantina seats 181 people and serves upscale Mexican food. The restaurant was started by Brett Talla and Darin Feinstein.


Oscar's Mexican Seafood

Ranking: No. 31
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 703 Turquoise St., San Diego, CA

Though Oscar’s Mexican Seafood doesn’t really have an About Me page, their Yelp reviews are very positive. One user said, “Two words – Holy. Crap. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood is the best taco place I’ve ever had. I think I’ve probably waited almost an hour for my taco, but daaaaaammn it was so delicious.”


Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

Mish R./Yelp

Ranking: No. 36
Break the Bank Score: ??
Address: 1607 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA

Gaurcho Parrilla Argentina – Anthony Falcon’s restaurant – opened in 2013. Since then, they have received rave reviews, according to Mt. Lebanon Mag.



Los Tacos No.1

Ranking: No. 40
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY

New York doesn’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to Mexican food, which is why three friends from Tijuana, Mexico, and Brawley, California, opened Los Tacos No. 1. Check out our Run the Dish Episode on Christian Pineda, who brought legit TJ tacos to NY, here.


Johnny Pacific

Dianna D./Yelp

Ranking: No. 51
Break the Bank Score: ?
Address: 7574 Winnetka Ave., Winnetka, CA

One Yelp user said that at Johnny Pacific they found happiness, aka a good empanada. The restaurants specializes in a mish mash of foods from Latin America, the U.S., and the Caribbean.

Chris M./Yelp