Put Down the Stove Top Stuffing, and Try These 4 Thanksgiving Recipes Instead

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According to Google Trends, the second-most asked Thanksgiving question is: “How do you make stuffing for Thanksgiving?”

As NPR points out, people can be really picky about the kind of stuffing they like. For ex: white bread vs. corn bread, or rice vs. potatoes. But at the end of the day, your fave kind of stuffing is probably the one you grew up eating.

For Latino families, stuffing is often an accurate reflection of the kinds of flavors we love eating year round. Check out 4 recipes that lots of Latino families are bound to be feasting on this year:


Mofongo Stuffing

Plátanos can literally be used for anything. In this stuffing recipe, plantains are the main ingredient, while garlic, onions, and peppers give it extra flavor and color. But basically, if you like mofongo, you’ll like this.

Get the recipe at Qué Rica Vida.


Ground Beef, Pork, and Chorizo Stuffing

This is a meaty stuffing that includes ground beef, chorizo, and pork. There’s also a lot of extras, such as fruit, olives, nuts, and herbs. Basically, a lot of things you might find in an empanada.

Check out the full recipe at My Colombian Recipes.


Masa Cornbread with Chiles Stuffing

This cornbread stuffing is made with masa for something a little sweet. The cornbread should be made a day ahead.

Check out the full recipe at Epicurious.


Black Bean Stuffing

A rice-and-bean stuffing is common in Cuban households. While some may add chorizo to the mix, it’s still heavy on the rice and beans.

Watch the video above, or check out this recipe from Three Guys from Miami.