What Thanksgiving Would Look Like If Plátanos Replaced Sweet Potatoes

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The Dominican Republic is known for being a leader in pro-plátano sentiments, but all across Latin America, plantains are a staple. Unfortunately, plátanos don’t have quite the same presence in the U.S., and at holidays like Thanksgiving, people are hung up on another starch: sweet potatoes.

Since remixed Thanksgiving recipes incorporating the ingredients or flavors of our cultures are pretty much a staple of Latino Thanksgivings, we imagined what Thanksgiving would be like if people were as crazy about plátanos as they are about sweet potatoes. (Amazing. It would be amazing).

Here are five recipes that would rule if Thanksgiving were all about plátanos:


Sweet Plantain Pie

The Latin Kitchen

Ecuadorian dessert tarta de maduro would be replacing sweet potato pie, and because it can be served with cheese or whipped cream, it can satisfy sweet and savory fans.

See the recipe at The Latin Kitchen.



Pastelón is already a holiday fave in Dominican households, but the whole country should swap their sweet potato gratin with minced meat for this one because meat should be this close to plantains all the time.

See the recipe at Cocina Dominicana.



Betty Cortina-Weiss

Mashed sweet potatoes have nothing on mangú, a mashed plantain dish that can literally be eaten at any time of the day. Bonus: this could also replace mashed potatoes.

See the recipe here.


Plantain fries

Sweet potato fries have been coming up big lately, but if you are looking for something different, try plantain fries (no to be confused with tajadas). Though tajadas would also be pretty bomb.

Check the recipe on African Bites.


Plátanos Machos En Crema de Malvaviscos


Sweet potatoes casseroles can GTFO now.