5 Delicious Sansguívin Leftover Recipes

Lead Photo: Alfredo Zablah
Alfredo Zablah
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After having plates on plates on plates at Latino Thanksgiving, there might still be turkey to spare. For those who are tired of traditional Thanksgiving fare and want to mix it up, here are five recipes to try with leftovers:


Sopa de pavo al jerez

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This sherry soup is a good way to use every part of the turkey, and it’s adaptable enough that it can be used with other meats if turkey wasn’t your thing this Thanksgiving.

Check out the recipe at Sabrosía.



Qué Rica Vida

This is a 55-minute long process, but it’s mostly hands off, as it should be.

Check out the recipe at Qué Rica Vida.


Panes con pavo

Bun Boy Eats LA

This monster turkey sandwich is a Salvadoran staple, and you deserve to have it, too.

Check out the recipe on Recetas Salvadoreñas.


Pavo con mole

Mole can be time consuming, but this is fairly simple.


Ajiaco de pavo

This is the season for soups, and this hearty soup won’t be a disappointment after your Thanksgiving feast.

Check out the recipe at Sabrosía.