5 Taco-Related Emojis We Wish Existed And When To Send Them

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I like to complain a lot about how there aren’t enough emoji for a million things that I need emoji for (CAN WE GET SOME PPL OF COLOR BESIDES THAT TURBAN GUY POR DIOS) — but the truth is, if there were more emoji I’d probably forgo the English language entirely in favor of exclusively logographic communication.

A girl can dream.

Anyway. Since tomorrow is National Taco Day (#soblessed), we decided to dream big and imagine a few taco-related emojis we wish exited. Yes, we said a few — because the sentiments that can be expressed through tacos are varied and complex, obvs.


Al Pastor

When to Send: To indicate it’s post-club snack time.


Taco de Carne Asada

When to Send: Whenevs. There’s really never a bad time to send or receive a carne asada taco.


Taco Bell

When to Send: To let someone know you’re in the mood to make some bad decisions.


Veggie Taco

When to Send: Bathing suit season.


A Trompo

When to Send: A visual representation of “Let that boy/girl cook!”

By the way, if you wanna celebrate tomorrow by texting people tacos for real, you can —using this app, which debuted this month!