Remembering Adela Fargas, the Matriarch Behind Iconic Puerto Rican Restaurant Casa Adela

Lead Photo: Photo by TexPhoto / E+ / Getty
Photo by TexPhoto / E+ / Getty
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For many Nuyoricans and Puerto Ricans, Casa Adela is an extension of their legacy in Loisaida. The restaurant, where owner Adela Fargas served authentic Puerto Rican food since 1976, has been a pillar for the Puerto Rican population in New York. Over the weekend, the restaurant’s Facebook page announced that at 81, Adela had passed away. Immediately, people flooded the comment section with anecdotes about her kindness and delicious rotisserie chicken. “She was the most wonderful and delightful person,” one commenter said. “Every time I went to her place of business, I didn’t feel like I was dining out. I felt like I was at abuelas.”

Customers quickly filled the storefront, located at 66 Avenue C, with flowers and candles after the announcement. Throughout its more than four decades in operation, the restaurant has drawn celebrities and local residents alike. With its mofongo and pernil asado, Casa Adela provided comfort food, as well as a sense of community, to Puerto Ricans.

With her funeral taking place on Friday, the tributes keep rolling in, with people remembering her as someone who made them feel at home. Check out the touching comments below.

DOÑA ADELA…you were a MOMS, AN ABUELA to so many of us on the L.E.S./LOISAIDA…you were the go to place, we boast…

Posted by Luis Guzman on Monday, January 15, 2018