10 Mexican Underground Artists You Should Know, According to Festival Ceremonia Performer Kryone

Lead Photo: Kryone
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Kryone has been killing it lately. The netlabel mastermind – who also happens to be one of Soulection‘s favorite Mexican producers  – is set to perform May 5th at Festival Ceremonia, along with Snoop Dogg, Pusha T, Kali Uchis, Kaytranada, Raido, Fuete Billete, Trillones, and many others.

To get the festival vibes going, we reached out the prolific Morelia beatsmith to see what local music he’s been feeling lately. Check out the up and coming artists you need to know, and expect more on Kryone soon!


Hiram Martínez

In my opinion, Guadalajara native Hiram Martinez is one of Mexico’s most underrated producers. His style is very complex, but beautiful. Hiram loves to combine post-dubstep with techno, house, ambient and r&b in a very interesting way. He was part of RBMA’s 2013 selection in New York, and that definitely made a mark on his career. I’m very excited about the music he has coming up. Keep an eye on this guy.


Harry Caine

Directly from Morelia, Michoacan, Harry Caine is now considered one of the most important beatmakers in Mexico. Last year, he released three official albums as well as singles featuring rappers from the UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, and Venezuela. His unique formula involves a soulful style that balances samples with soft synths. Harry is one of my best friends and I know he doesn’t like the internet, but he’s always working on beats and I try to motivate him to release them. Stay tuned for more.



The perfect combo: Reno871 on the rhymes and Pakbel on the beat. These two artists are part of the Osuk Crew, one of the most important abstract hip-hop labels based in Torreón, México. Both the beat and the lyrics achieve the perfect balance between darkness and simplicity on this track. Pakbel is currently working on his second cassette release.



When we talk about Antigravity, we talk about quality. This Mexico City-based producer loves to combine downtempo, idm, techno, glitch and garage in his music. The sound is clear, deep, full of soundscapes and versatile – that’s why I love it. I think he’s one of the most important electronic producers in Mexico. Check it out.


Blok One

Since 2005, Michoacan producer Rainforest a.k.a Blok One has been making drum & bass and jungle cuts. I know that drum & bass has lost ground lately to genres like house, techno, “bass music” and other electronic styles in Mexico. But Blok One has been consistent, earning a rep in the international scene for his “atmospheric d&b.” He’s worked with more than 10 international drum & bass labels, but in Mexico he’s like a ghost. This producer deserves more attention in 2015.



Fonobisa is the experimental side project of Edgar Mota. With Fonobisa, Edgar has explored pop music, footwork, and techno. He recently kicked off the year releasing a bunch of noisy techno tracks on Soundcloud – a very creative and unique sound that is all about “sampling.” Don’t sleep on his work.



You may not know this, but CYBEREALITYライフ is one of the first and most representative “vaporwave” producers. He’s a true legend, and he’s Mexican. A few weeks ago he sent me an advance of his forthcoming synthwave EP and a couple of hip-hop instrumentals. He also sent me some Jersey Club-style demos a few months ago. It was all fuego. All I can say is that he’s a bomb, so, expect a lot to come from this gifted and enigmatic internet-based producer.


Mr. Vampire

Mr. Vampire is a Mexican producer and composer. He started playing in post-rock and noise projects, but has since gotten into the lo-fi beat scene. Last year, he went on tour to Europe, playing in Spain, France, and participating in many audiovisual shows in Mexico. The guy is one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen in my life. His music is completely analogue; pedals, guitar, drum machines, organic percussions, synths, etc… Not easy-listening, but beautiful. His forthcoming EP Move On will be released soon via PIRA.MD Records.



I love to find young and gifted artists like Spacetrilla. His sound is very influenced by the L.A. beat scene, and you’ll find r&b, soul, electronic, trap and “future beats” on his Soundcloud. I think he’s one of the most promising up-and-comers of the Mexican beat scene. Let’s support this kind of producer, guys.


Weed Konducta

Something is happening in the South of Mexico, especially in the footwork/juke and hip-hop scenes. Weed Konducta from Xalapa, Veracruz, is all up in that. In 2014, he released an EP with a very original style: trilled-out dirty south beats, with juke influences. I love his releases because everything is conceptual; the artwork, music, track titles, etc. He just announced his forthcoming EP via Ten Toes Turbo, so stay tuned.