Summer officially kicks off this Memorial Day weekend, which means barbecue and beach season is upon us and so are the playlists that will soundtrack all your breezy-beach-day/sundazed-beers-on-the-rooftop/late-night-sweaty-in-the-club moments.

We polled our international team of music contributors on their votes for the songs that will be everywhere this summer, and the end result were these 25 tracks. Hit play on our Songs of Summer playlist below, and read on to find out why we these songs made the cut.

Nicky Jam feat. Enrique Iglesias' "El Perdón"

I prefer the original without Enrique’s vocals, but his sheer star power has made this track a bonafide hit. If you can hear this both in the club and the bodega on a regular basis, you’ve got the makings of a summer classic.

-Marco Gomez

Bomba Estéreo's "Fiesta"

We heard Bomba Estéreo’s “Fiesta” for the first time back in March, but we have a feeling it’s really going to pick up steam this summer, because it literally screams “party,” from its title to its humongous drop. Instant classic right here.

– Cheky

J Balvin's "Ay Vamos"

” Peliamo’ / no’ arreglamo’. ” Chances are you have already listened to this line a thousand times and you’ve already moved on from denial to acceptance. J Balvin‘s name is growing fast, with his track “Ay Vamos” hitting “Gasolina”-level plays in Colombia and all over Latin America. Now that he’s about to headline his first US tour in the fall, we’re ready to hear this a thousand times this summer.

– Carlos Soto

Cardiel's "Tabla"

Hard rock, although a great soundtrack for driving, skating, flipping the bird at the man and celebrating the prince of darkness, is not really known to provide summer jams. There’s plenty of bands that are best enjoyed on a warm day, drinking beer and going crazy (I mean, just look at festival lineups), but few have zeroed in on that experience in song. The bone breaking duo Cardiel might just have come up with a song that rocks like a mother and can provide mileage in a beach-bound boogie van on the way to catch the perfect wave.

– Marcos Hassan

Karol Conka feat. Tropkillaz's "Tombei"

If I had the power to put together the ultimate block party, Karol Conka and Tropikillaz for sure would be on my must-book list. There would be enough TWERKING stations, water hoses and inflatable pools available for all the ladies and gents with an urge to shake their bom bom.

– Joel Moya

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Hechizo's "Un Beso Nada Más"

Former member of Little Ethiopia, José Solé – now under the moniker of Hechizo – is back with a vintage romantic pop hit titled “Un Beso Nada Más,” where exquisite Acapulco Golden Era vibes blend with groggy bolero arrangements. This song is perfect for summer road trips à la “Y Tu Mamá También” or to get that slow sexy dancing going at any Tarantino-type of party. To me, this is what fancy Mezcal might sound like, if it could speak to us in ghostly manner, kinda like spirits allegedly do. For the 360º experience, try it with sal de gusano, your favorite drug of choice and a slice of orange.

Eric Gamboa

Dotorado Pro's "African Scream" (Marimbas Mix)

The best dance record in the world that nobody in North, Central or South America is discussing nearly enough is Lisbon, Portugal-based producer Dotorado Pro’s “African Scream.” Before you stop me and tell me that kuduro’s an Angola-based dance sound, I’ll guide you in the direction of the “marimbas” mix of the percussive Afro-beat track and remind you that the marimba was an instrument that made its way to Central America from African slaves that settled in the region.

For a full year prior to it’s release, this track ran the club AND Youtube scene in Portugal and parts of Africa, racking up well over 400,000 Soundcloud plays. Lisbon’s world-renowned Enchufada label released the track last month to some underground buzz, and its bright, thumping groove was made for the summer. Once you hear it, it’s game over for folks in the party not getting sweaty – so we’re expecting this to become the summer global bass party staple.

– Marcus K. Dowling

Mozart La Para & Shellow Shaq's "Llegan Los Montro Man"

What song should you play on repeat this weekend?

Llegan Los Montro Man
Llegan Los Montro Man
Llegan Los Montro Man
Llegan Los Montro Man

DR’s urban heavy-hitters Mozart La Para and Shellow “Fuckin Maldito” Shaq joined forces to record what could become Washington Heights’ official pre-game party song of 2015.

– Joel Moya

Gepe feat. Wendy Sulca "Hambre"

All I want to do this summer is throw BBQs and dance all night on rooftops… and I want to invite Gepe and Wendy Sulca to my party. Their collab has full potential to be my summer jam, and… if I can make one request: Riobamba, will you remix this track for me? Also, can someone get me a futurist looking tropical dress???

– Analuz Vizarretea

Bomba Estéreo's "Somos Dos"

At the risk of over-Bombafying this list, the minute I heard “Somos Dos” I knew this was going to be my cruising-with-the-windows-down-and-summer-breeze-in-my-hair jam. It also a doubles as a great track for seducing that summer boo on the dance floor.

– Andrea Gompf