13 New Songs to Listen to This Week From GioBulla to Mariposa

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of The Fame Culture
Photo courtesy of The Fame Culture
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include ROA, Ximena Soto, and Mariposa. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

GioBulla - “Tu Voz”

In his latest single, “Tu Voz,” GioBulla croons about a breakup over an irresistible reggaeton beat. The contrast in subject matter and rhythm of the track is an unbeatable formula, getting listeners to really pay attention to his storytelling. The romantic longing – “Mi cama solo pide tu voz” – is something most people can relate to. GioBulla created the track while going through an “emotional roller coaster,” adding: “Consistently channeling the essence of my life experiences, I poured every emotion I grappled with at that moment into crafting the record.” In fact, “Tu Voz” almost made it onto his last EP, Agridulce, but GioBulla was right in giving it its own moment. — Chelsea Quezada


Los Kowalski - “Una Ciudad”

Considering that Mexico is currently a well-spring of amazing psych and shoegaze bands, it’s notable when a band at the intersection of those genres up their game to deliver a whole new dimension to their sound. Merida’s Los Kowalski have explored everything from heavy psych to noise pop; now, with “Una Ciudad,” they‘re taking on atmospheric dream pop. With an arpeggiated guitar propelling the song, the song gives us groovy soundscapes and melancholic vibes to let ourselves be swept away with, emanating a calm yet hallucinatory sentiment in a compact four-minute song. — Marcos Hassan

Los Sufridos, Eklectico - “Prendela”

Remember this name: Los Sufridos. Throughout 2023, the mysterious collaborative project of rapper T.Y.S., dembow architect Cromo X, and Dominican jazz-fusion guitarist Mitiko of La Gran Mawon has pooled their vibes and extraordinary talents into a riveting new avenue for bachata. Melding tradition and streetwise innovation, cuts like the devilishly explicit “Apretaito” and the dancehall-soaked “Peluche” have awakened the scene to this visionary new frontier. This week, the group dropped an atmospheric new collaboration with rapper Eklectico called “Prendela,” bringing drill swagger into the bachata space and promising Los Sufridos will be one of the breakout acts of 2024. – Richard Villegas

Las Nubes - “Enredados”

For their first new music in three years, Miami rockers Las Nubes are shooting off a fuzzy, garage-tinged double single loaded with ruminations on the messy situationships that bloom in a sweaty, endless summer. You can practically hear the condensation running down their guitars on grungy opener “Drop-In,” while the propulsive rhythm of “Enredados” unspools an especially consuming romantic entanglement over a buzzing wall of noise. Look out for Las Nubes’ sophomore LP Tormentas Malsanas, which is slated for a 2024 release and promises plenty of opportunity for mosh pit therapy. – Richard Villegas

Gaby Moreno - “Dance The Night Away”

Latin Grammy Award winner Gaby Moreno’s single “Dance The Night Away” shares its title with Dua Lipa’s massive Barbie blockbuster, but Moreno’s invitation is to a different kind of affair. Taken from her forthcoming album Dusk, out in February 2024, the song is a French-tinted ballad with gorgeous, delicate instrumental arrangements that immediately make us slow down and take a deep breath. The song asks for us to enjoy the moment and really connect with the people we love, and it’s concocted in such a way that it’s really easy to fall into that state of mind softly. — Cheky

Alsy - “Candela” (ft. Jimmy Whoo)

French-Chilean singer Alsy joined forces once more with producer Jimmy Whoo to give us the sensuous world of “Candela,” their latest single. With a strong Sade influence, the song exudes a warm sultriness that pulls us in with its pillowy bass line, mellow synth work, and enveloping 80s R&B-inspired beat. Alsy announces a steamy night ahead lit up by the full moon, and it feels like just the prelude to a night to remember. — Cheky

MiriamMar - “The Christmas Song”

Some families roast chestnuts on an open fire, and others roast pernil. Whatever your preference, MiriamMar is here to bring everyone together in the holiday spirit with her cover of the timeless “The Christmas Song.” The Miami-based Cuban singer-songwriter recently released her debut EP Matices, showcasing her talent for smoky R&B and jazz, and she uses those talents here to bring to life the seasonal classic. Balancing the Yuletide warmth of the original with the Caribbean spark of her voice, her take on the track is one that everyone can enjoy with a cup of eggnog or coquito in hand. — Juan J. Arroyo

Mento Buru - “Christmastime in Bakersfield”

Back in 2020, the veteran ska/reggae band Mento Buru released an Xmas EP titled East Bakersfield Christmas, named after their hometown. Three years later, off the heels of its success, they’re dropping a follow-up with even more rocksteady holiday offerings. Their single, “Christmas in Bakersfield,” takes listeners to the old stomping grounds where the band was founded and describes what December is like there. With their rousing instrumentation and the energy they’ve always brought to all their work, they show that you don’t need carols or snow to be festive and indulge in the season’s spirit. — Juan J. Arroyo

Mariposa - “Mala Energia”

Following the release of her latest EP, Otro Mundo, Mariopsa is back with another rap single called “Mala Energia.” This time, the Colombian-Italian artist raps about staying away from the negative energy that once consumed her inner thoughts. “Wrote this song during a time where I was cutting a lot of people out of my life,” the artist said. “Quick reminder to always remove the bad energies that do not serve you; we don’t need that shit.” Paired with a minimalistic yet hypnotic, booming trap-like production by Pepe Boks, the track is an end-of-the-year reminder to cleanse your energy and focus on positivity in 2024. — Jeanette Hernandez


After much anticipation, the emerging Puerto Rican trap artist ROA finally released “LA CURA,” part of his newest EP PRIVATE SUITE VOL. 1 (RELOADED) featuring collaborations with artists like Omar Courtz, Dei V, and Luar La L. “LA CURA” features nostalgic, atmospheric synths with soft piano keys meshed with a reggaeton beat that creates the soundscape for ROA’s lyrics about putting his guard down for love. Towards the end of the song, the melody abruptly stops and is overridden by distorted, electronic sounds that captivate the listener’s curiosity enough to want to listen to the rest of the EP. Needless to say, we’re all ears to hear more of his story. — Jeanette Hernandez


Singer-songwriter Javvi Elias crafts shimmering, dancefloor-filling pop songs à la Troye Sivan and Carly Rae Jepsen. The celebrated Bolivian Music Award-winning artist’s enchanting “ENCAMOTAO” is an ode for the hopeless but hesitant romantics who don’t always fall in love so easily, heightened by breezy hooks. Elias’s enamored and candy-coated falsettos soar over an irresistible funk-meets-disco groove as he sings about a transcendent love that will surely convert even the most stubborn non-believer. — Nayeli Portillo

Blowfuse - “Move On”

Barcelona punks Blowfuse shift their perspective and seek a new direction on their latest single, “Move On.” Singer Oscar Puig’s confessional lyrics highlight his decision to do away with self-pity and embrace change in order to move ahead. Combining the bouncier rhythms of skate punk all-stars Millencolin and the raw vocal style of bands like NOFX, Blowfuse offers a melodic, power-chord-driven slow-burner fit for a moshing-in packed basement show. — Nayeli Portillo

Ximena Soto - "Otra Nota"

Ximena Soto is moving on and not looking back on the title track of her new EP, Otra Nota. The Mexican singer first teased the track produced by Zenei, Adrián Be, and mntr (Mentor Lopez) a few weeks ago on social media. Her synth-pop and R&B offering explores self-acceptance of her past and her circumstances. She realizes her worth and grows in her confidence. “Otra Nota” is just one part of the narrative she created on the six-track project centered around a chaotic relationship. After hearing this track, and that killer outro, you’re left wanting more. — Chelsea Quezada