15 New Songs to Listen to This Week From CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso to Luiza Brina

Lead Photo: Photo by Josefina Fogel Nunez.
Photo by Josefina Fogel Nunez.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include CA7RIEL with Paco Amoroso, Diamante Eléctrico, and Luiza Brina with Silvana Estrada. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso - “DUMBAI”


As previewed on their Lollapalooza Argentina set and their recent short film, CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso’s BAÑO MARÍA is the technicolor genre-hopping bomb we expected from them. From house to trap to rave, the album has already improved our day, and it even includes a dembow-inspired moment titled “DUMBAI.” The duo gets steamy with their lyrics about a girl’s booty that has their heads spinning, using R&B chords to counterbalance the sexual charge in their signature cheeky way and a catchy chorus that’s taken over our brains. – Cheky

Diamante Eléctrico - “LVRBOY”

After years of leather jacket rock n’ roll, it’s been extraordinarily refreshing seeing Diamante Eléctrico’s Juan Galeano fall back in love with his bass on funky, synthpoppy records like Mira Lo Que Me Hiciste Hacer (2021) and Leche de Tigre (2023). Now, as the band teases their next project Malhablado, a string of promotional singles like the brand new “LVRBOY” are waltzing confidently onto the dance floor with throbbing tinges of lo-fi disco. The neon-lit video for “LVRBOY” follows Galeano on a boozy night out on the town, sacando los pasos prohibidos, and crooning about his newfound passion for dancing and romancing. – Richard Villegas

Luiza Brina feat. Silvana Estrada - “Oração 2”

Brazilian singer and composer Luiza Brina’s music is so entangled in otherworldly sounds that it often feels like listening in on someone else’s fever dream. Her latest single, “Oração 2” featuring singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada, feels slightly more classical music-inspired but stays true to the artist’s impulse towards building genre-bending arrangements. Carried by the warm dulcet melodies of an ensemble of delicate strings, sprawling percussion, and softened guitar strums, Brina and Estrada’s silvery vocals intertwine so naturally that it’s sure to leave fans of each respective artist’s work itching for another collaboration in the near future. – Nayeli Portillo

Cometta - “Dicen que estoy loco”

Latine collective Cometta has been bringing their brand of pop/R&B/hip-hop fusion for nearly half a decade now, and their second LP is finally dropping this week. While Puerto Rican lead singers Cosme and AC Metta are typically front and center, the group itself is also composed of members from Cuba, Venezuela, México, and Colombia. Their sophomore release, Season 2, includes inspirations from all over the musical spectrum, with current single “Dicen que estoy loco” being a catchy pop-rap and previous tracks like merengue bop “¡GUAO!” (alongside fellow boricua rapper The Color Brown) taking a huge cue from legends Los Hermanos Rosario. It’s a varied album hitting just in time for summer daze and evenings. — Juan J. Arroyo

J Noa - “Cenicienta” 

Emerging rapper J Noa, the dubbed hija del rap, is pulling a twist on a classic beloved fairytale. Fusing sounds of Dominican horns and rhythms with more retro-reminiscent hip-hop beats, the MC turns the story of Cinderella into an empowerment anthem. Through undeniable lyrical flows on not waiting for the shoe to fit, she aims to motivate women to turn into their own Prince Charming by placing their talents on a pedestal rather than the often societal objectification of their physical bodies. – Jeanette Diaz

SNENiE - “Lento” 

The love SNENiE has for Julieta Venegas’ “Lento” runs way back to when she started her career at seven years old, performing it on an international edition of Código F.A.M.A. Today, she releases a stripped-back and slowed-down version of the 21-year-old pop hit. Her delicate and soulful voice sings the nostalgic lyrics over a contemporary synth beat, with her gentle humming throughout. “It made sense that I recorded my version as a way to thank this song for all it’s done for me throughout my life,” shared SNENiE, referring to her deep connection with “Lento.” — Chelsea Quezada


Experimental artists Yozy and Della teamed up for a captivating hyperpop song, “NPCS.” The track’s soundscape ventures heavy synths and thick bass with a touch of cyberpunk, electronic, and Jersey club, making it a joyful yet distorted piece about unloyal situationships. Moreover, the new music video features a grungy aesthetic with blurry, borderline-grotesque elements that keep the viewer uneasy but glued to the screen. – Jeanette Hernandez

Yeli Yeli - “Chavico”

Andalucian singer Yeli Yeli has just given us an updated version of the traditional Sephardic song known as “Had Gadya,” or “Uno Kavrethiko,” which transcends its origins. Within the simple melody, Yeli finds enough crevices to explore the joy, pain, and melancholy hinted in the lyrics through his flamenco delivery, all while rapturously surrendering to the beat, fusing kuduro and dancehall into an electronic mixture of its own making. The song is full of digital textures and hard dance rhythms, but it reinforces the human emotion, bringing a hint of the profane into “Chavico” just enough to get the listener right in their feels. — Marcos Hassan

Adriel.sfx - “Circuito Natural”

Dominican producer Adriel.sfx is back with his second 2024 single, “Circuito Natural,” and it’s one that would surely make SOPHIE smile. This is a breakbeats-fueled electronic trip through plastic fantasy landscapes with overlapping textures that evoke the ecstatic feeling of trance music’s rises but without the release, lifting us high in the air as the metallic beat does its best to keep us grounded. We can actually hear Adriel.sfx getting stronger at his music game with this new song. – Cheky

Drovekidd - “Trátenme de Usted”

We’ve been telling you for years to keep an eye on the Salvadoran underground, and incandescent rap demon Drovekidd’s debut album – and new working alias – Crimen delivers hard on its promise of malianteo and rousing egotripping. While the record’s sonic palette oscillates between boom bap, trap, and reggaeton, the opening track “Trátenme de Usted” underscores Drovekidd’s authority in the scene with booming kicks and blaring horn samples. “Ahora la escena, es la escena del crimen,” echoes the song’s opening salvo, subsequently decimating any MC who’d dare stand against him before a lively guest verse from Dakzze pulls them both back into bouncy, playful territory. – Richard Villegas

DARUMAS - “Daruma”

Darumas arrives with the sounds of vintage disco and funk that beam with big and breezy pop chic on “Daruma.” With a name that symbolizes “endurance, happiness, and luck in Japanese,” the Latine trio’s aura is just as magnetic as their debut single, making them an act to watch out for in 2024. Carried by tight, percussive guitar riffs, a chugging bassline, and an infectious hook, “Daruma” is an ideal soundtrack for those poolside hangs and coastal drives on warm nights. – Nayeli Portillo

13am, Tommy Blanco, FANTA ROSARIO - “ENROLA 2”

It’s beginning to look a lot like 4/20 everywhere you go. One of the most popular unofficial holidays is right around the corner, and rapper 13am is celebrating in style. Today, he drops a new EP, Safety Meeting, which features him and some of his buds (ahem) celebrating their love of Mary Jane. Its vibe-heavy single, “ENROLA 2,” features him with two of Puerto Rico’s best dirtbag trap luminaries, Tommy Blanco and FANTA ROSARIO. With further appearances on the project from other cannabis hypemen like Robertito Chong, the album promises to be a lyrical contact high even for those who don’t celebrate. — Juan J. Arroyo

BALTHVS - “Aguacero”

Colombian trio BALTHVS has announced its upcoming album HARVEST via their latest single, “Aguacero.” With a sound steeped in the accumulation of global psychedelic, cumbia, and indie-soul, the track transforms into a tropical escape lined with the breeze of dancing hazed guitar and bass melodies, waves of upbeat percussion, and beams of mesmerizing vocals. The lyrical themes fall perfectly in line with the soundscape as it revels in the anticipation of participating in the cleansing nature of downpouring into the ocean and the natural wonderment of the earth’s water cycle movement. – Jeanette Diaz

Alejo - “Stories Verdes” 

Alejo is ready to share his new musical era. The rising artist released “Stories Verdes,” a spacey, reggaeton-induced offering that details being enthralled and attracted to someone. The song’s pulsing beat and sporadically scattered twinkling sounds complement the Puerto Rican’s sensual lyrics that paint a risqué fantasy he’s lusting over. “Stories Verdes” is from the singer’s upcoming album, En Esta Nos Fuimos Lejos, due May 16. – Jeanette Hernandez

Hermanos Gutierrez - “Until We Meet Again”

This brotherly duo is known to make music that could well be the soundtrack for films yet to exist, and “Until We Meet Again” could become one of the highlights of their highly evocative catalog. This sparse, minimalistic track runs through in lowercase, blending into the background while still providing memorable melodies for listeners to grab onto. Guitars are firmly set in the tradition of Western movies, with a warmth quality absent in this genre. The title of the song conjures nostalgia, and the music lives up to it, giving us a piece about missing someone with barely a wasted note. — Marcos Hassan