15 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Venesti, Goyo & Slow Mike to ERRE

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Venesti with Goyo and Slow Mike, ERRE, and Girl Ultra. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Venesti, Goyo, Slow Mike - “Anestesia”

Venesti, Goyo, and Slow Mike are declaring an outside summer with their new collaboration, “Anestesia.” The Colombian trio explores healing a heartbreak over groovy afrobeats, and you get every musician’s point of view on the situation. From turning to vices to move on to staying out until the next morning, it’s a relatable tale for many. The music video for the track is directed by Janki Martínez and follows the stars at a lively house party. Make room on your summer playlists for “Anestesia,” and turn it all the way up. — Chelsea Quezada

ERRE - “Su Prince”

You might recognize Eduardo Rojas, aka ERRE, from “SOLO” off of Eslabon Armado’s trajectory-changing record NOSTALGIA, where he ruminates with frontman Pedro Tovar on what could’ve been through the exchange of heartbreaking bars. Now, the Phoenix-based singer and songwriter announces his debut album, DESDE MI HABITACIÓN. On the breathtaking lead single “Su Prince” backed by a galloping bass and somber trumpets, Rojas delves deeply into a story of unrequited love and the aching that comes with not meeting his beloved’s expectations. – Nayeli Portillo

Tivi Gunz, Myke Towers - "SIN PANTY (REMIX)"

Tivi Gunz is giving the 2023 song “Frename En El Party Sin Panty” a second life. The Dominican artist partnered with Myke Towers for an extended makeover. In this new throbbing version called “SIN PANTY (REMIX),” we hear the song’s perreo-ready dembow components like a booming bass driven by thick, wavey, siren-like electronic effects that create a hypnotic character. However, nothing compares to the song’s echoing “ohs” and “ahs” that stay stuck in your head all day. – Jeanette Hernandez

Girl Ultra - “Blush”

Mexican singer-songwriter Girl Ultra has been releasing nothing but great songs in the past few weeks, and “Blush” might be one of her best ones. In this ballad, she refuses to bow down to any kind of cliché, musically or thematically. In the lyrics, she talks about missing someone very badly and wishes for a chance of going back to them. Her singing and vibe remain centered on the vulnerable torch song side, but the beat keeps the track in motion, giving it a bittersweet sensibility while also raising the temperature. With “Blush,” Girl Ultra gives an emotionally resonant track that paves the way for her upcoming EP. — Marcos Hassan

Los Búmerans - “Capitel”

Three years ago, Puerto Rican rock band Los Búmerans made a splash with their song and subsequent music video for “Extraña Suerte.” The video went on to win awards during its film fest run, and the band is back with a new song, hoping to catch fire again. Their new single, “Capitel,” tilts towards a more upbeat sound while its lyrics wax sympathetically about the emotional hardship of navigating daily life alone when not much of how the world works makes any sense. Maybe nothing matters, maybe everything does, but going about it with someone by your side is usually the best remedy. — Juan J. Arroyo

Jup do Bairro - “Mulher do fim do Mundo”

Early in the year, Brazilian trans agitator Jup do Bairro released what remains one of the year’s most heart-pounding tracks, with the apocalyptic samba of “Amor de Carnval.” But on her new EP in.corpo.ração, the acclaimed performance artist proves she had bite for all of 2024, melding stirring spoken word with mutant techno across five riveting tracks. Closing on a tender – though no less pummeling – cover of Elza Soares’ late-career hit “Mulher do Fim do Mundo,” Jup casts herself into the role of embattled interlocutor, fighting for the right to exist and love and thrive in a world that threatens to collapse around her. – Richard Villegas

Cecé - “Vino En Las Copas”

Barcelona-based Venezuelan rapper Claudia Cedeño adds one more banging project to her discography with Gemini Vol.II, her latest EP, which includes the Uncle Johnson-produced jam “Vino En Las Copas.” Cecé masterfully threads her rhymes over an elegantly dark old-school hip-hop beat to make a toast to herself and her talent, and she couldn’t care less if there are people who find the way she looks or raps inconvenient. — Cheky

HINDS - “En Forma” 

Spanish indie rock outfit Hinds is sharing another tease of their upcoming record VIVA HINDS with their latest, “En Forma.” Although their native language, this is the first single sung entirely in Spanish. Inspired by a breakup and a birthday, the anxiety-driven track is a rebellious dance against the mosaic of expectations so often carried by simply being a young woman in today’s age. A steady percussion carries the song, as sounds build more riotous between electric guitars and boisterous chants as a means of escaping panic-induced states to seek the freedom of purely existing in the chaos and complication of being human. – Jeanette Diaz

Julieta Rada - “Baile del Candombe”

Showcasing the infectious beat of Uruguay’s candombe drums, Julieta Rada is following in the footsteps of her legendary musician father, Rubén Rada. “Baile del Candombe” is a love song to the style and dance traditionally performed in city streets. While the history of candombe is expansive, in short, it was created by Africans who were brought to the South American country through the slave trade. Today, the candombe style is used in many genres of music, including in Rada’s next album. The personal meaning to her and her family shines through the track, and will certainly introduce many listeners to candombe for the first time. — Chelsea Quezada


Almas - “Junto a Mi”

“Hey boy, you’re mine! Can’t get you off my mind!” Mexican girl group Almas is back with “Junto a Mi.” The song answers the question, “What would a K-pop song in Spanish performed by Latines sound and look like?” Produced by Billy Miamor, Juan Saenz, and Sai, the contagious bilingual pop song checks off everything you want from a bubblegum pop song: an easy-to-sing chorus, an entrancing bass-driven melody (with a breakdown hook), and a choreography easy enough to remember. “Junto a Mi” not only gives us a feel-good song for our summer playlist, but it’s also a reminder that music doesn’t have to be that deep. Sometimes it’s just about getting “together like 1, 2, 3.” – Jeanette Hernandez

Diamente Eléctrico - “El Big Bang (Feat. Silvestre y La Naranja)”

Colombian outfit Diamante Eléctrico is releasing its new album, Malhablado, and the music and mood get the perfect setup with this hell of a track, which could well be a fitting tribute to artists like Prince. On “El Big Bang,” the band hones its funk style to a perfect balance of dancey beats, pop hooks, and wavy sounds. Melodies come in spades, with Silvestre y La Naranja reinforcing everything that makes this song so catchy and kicking it to the next level. The track will have you dancing around the house, not caring who sees you getting down with this pop-rock gem. — Marcos Hassan

Paulina - “Hoy”

Named last year by Billboard Español as an exciting new artist to take note of, indie pop singer-songwriter Paulina drops her new EP this week. The six-track thematic album, Instantes, had already been teased by previous singles “Dejarlo ir” and “Sin rumbo,” and she closes out the trilogy today with “Hoy.” The track brings a slightly peppier energy than the other more melancholic (but not dreary) songs, but it’s for a good reason. A somber piano intro gives way to pop-rock guitar and percussion, giving it a livelier sound. As Paulina croons over the music, she embraces self-love and a brighter future, bringing the whole project together. — Juan J. Arroyo

Maifersoni - “Fantasía Eremita”

Though Maifersoni broke out a decade ago with a series of beautifully orchestrated indie rock records, recent releases have seen the singer and producer pivot into one of Chile’s most exciting electronic talents. His latest single, “Fantasía Erimita,” flows gradually from minimal ambient into throbbing deep house, with introspective lyrics that ponder the worlds within worlds we create to seek refuge from society in our own bedrooms. It’s hermit bliss that suggests the dance floor can be a state of mind as long as you remain committed to sweaty, writhing catharsis. – Richard Villegas

Adorável Clichê - “aonde mais”

Brazilian band and newest Balaclava Records signees Adorável Clichê continue the countdown to the release of its upcoming sophomore album Sonhos que Nunca Morrem with “aonde mais,” a dreamy song with an unlikely inspiration. Using the Hannibal scene where the serial killer goes unnoticed in the streets of Florence, the band created a jangly, ethereal indie-pop track reminiscent of early Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing about people who run from themselves expecting things to change on their own instead of facing them head-on. — Cheky

NAILS - “Imposing Will”

Releasing their first new music after eight years, hardcore metal band NAILS has returned from an indefinite hiatus with their latest single, “Imposing Will.” The single brought along a couple exciting announcements, including the upcoming album Every Bridge Burning and a new lineup that includes Carlos Cruz on drums, Andrew Solis on bass, and Shelby Lermo on guitar. The single is a short but abrasive re-introduction to the band fueled by raucous vocals by founding member Todd Jones that burn over thrashing percussions and whiplashing guitars. An adrenaline rush in sonic form, the single is an undeniable face-melting experience and an exhilarating welcome back. – Jeanette Diaz