4 Local Experimental Artists to Watch at D.F.’s Freaky Forest Festival Germinal

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This week, Mexico City audiences will get to experience a gathering of high-quality composition and brain-melting experimentation in a setting not typically associated with this variety of music.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Festival del Bosque Germinal will invite some of the best sound artists, contemporary composers, experimental artists, and renowned improvisers to Bosque de Chapultepec for a bunch of free events.

We’re surely excited to witness people as acclaimed as William Basinski or Arto Lindsay at such a beautiful setting (for free, no less), but what about the Mexican talent that will perform? Here’s a quick cheatsheet for the local artists playing at Germinal– be sure to listen in on all they have to offer.

Lorelle meets The Obsolete

The Guadalajara duo specializes in dream pop that is both sonically enveloping and well-developed in the songwriting department. With nods to genre mainstays like The Jesus And Mary Chain and Slowdive, LMTO have transcended borders with their sound, playing extensively in Europe and participating in festivals like Austin Psych Fest. Their latest album, Chambers, is one of the best pieces of noise pop you’ll hear in a while.

Terror Cósmico

Things will get heavy with this intense duo. Hailing from DF, Terror Cósmico have been playing in the scene for a few years now. They’re already achieved quite a bit in their time, playing NRMAL fest last year and touring Argentina with cohorts Los Viejos and Tormentas. As heard on their debut LP Muerte y Transfiguración, their brand of instrumental rock is complicated and punishing without sacrificing groove, their compositions evolving and contracting as they churn along.

Juanjosé Rivas

A multimedia artist with an extensive sound, and an approach only matched by his resumé. Juanjosé works with visual media as well as with sound, but he’s really been excelling on the latter, touring Europe, the US, and Latin America, as well being included on the roster of festivals, tours, and exhibitions in these territories. He’s been known to manipulate his electronic tools to make them sound unique. Rivas is also founder of the Volta concert series that have quickly become must-attend events in Mexico City thanks to its quality and eclecticism.

Manuel Rocha Iturbide

Iturbide has been part of the electroacoustic composition world since the ’80s. He has also worked in the visual art world and is the author of many books exploring sound and music, having studied granular synthesis and related elements throughout his extensive career. Manuel has collaborated with the Arditti Quartet as well as Japanese pianist Aki Takahashi. He will present a piece at the festival entitled Efímero Pánico.