5 Artists to Watch at This Year’s WACO Festival

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Torreón is hosting WACO Festival next weekend, and for the second year in a row, they are bringing a cavalcade of awesome music to the Northern region of Mexico. You can already feel the excitement wafting in the arid desert air.

The festival is slowly establishing itself as a place for new talent to be discovered and heard on a big stage. Instead of relying on marquee names to attract crowds, WACO lets festivalgoers witness concerts by up-and-comers before they hit the (true) big time. Having said that, there are some fairly new acts who aren’t exactly eager youngsters looking for a break. Caloncho, Awwz, Sotomayor, El Búho, and others at the top of the bill have been touring and working hard to establish themselves on stages in many countries. While some have been doing this for a short time, they already have sizable followings and media buzz. Still, there’s a section of the lineup comprised of hungry emerging artists that deserve to be heard, so we rounded up five of the festival’s most overlooked acts. Make sure to get there early to catch them all.


Dromedarios Mágicos

A charming young man with nothing but charisma and a guitar to get through a set, he leaves audiences enchanted with his earnest love songs strummed furiously on acoustic guitar. Some have called him the second coming of Juan Cirerol, but he’s more than capable of standing on his own merits.


Sonido Satanás

You might remember this crew from their contribution to the Juan Gabriel tribute album Nadie Baila Como Tú. Their cumbia sonidera has a tongue firmly planted in its cheek, yet the deep bass grooves they unleash ache with the power of a thousand infernos.



Gorb is a Torreón electronic music producer ready to represent the local scene. He specializes in acid house with Latin bass elements that will surely get the crowd moving from very early on.



The Cancún via Mexico City punk rock rapper is one of the hardest-working underground musicians in the country, moving between city to city to deliver rhymes about the comedy and tragedy of his own life.


Jibrán Llaca

Jibrán Llaca is another electronic exponent from the city that hosts WACO Festival. Llaca makes elegant progressive deep techno and house. His music has an element of coolness that will add variety on the dancefloor.