5 of Our Favorite Official (& Unofficial) Pieces of Bad Bunny Merch

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla. Original photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla. Original photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla
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There’s no mistaking that Bad Bunny has one of the most ecclectic and ostentatious personalities in urbano – or in any genre for that matter. His colorful style and daring outfits have made him stand out in the often homegenous cookie cutter world of ready-to-wear drip. So it’s no wonder Bad Bunny’s merch can often be just as colorful as he is. And wether it’s official Conejo Malo-sanctioned merch, or online store fan merch, Bad Bunny’s singluar style inspires some great merch.

Here are our 5 favorite official (and unofficial) pieces of Bad Bunny merch:


Free La Hookah:


The Dominican Republic’s near-constant battles with the ubiquitos hookah are almost dizzying to try to keep up with. With the famed smoking device’s legal status perpetually in question, it’s no wonder Bad Bunny would pen an anthem to it (“La Romana”), and drop a shirt with a statement of solidarity to the device that has brought many colmados, sushi lounges, and living rooms endless hours of joy.

Cop this shirt here.


Estamos Bien Backpack


This is one of the many unoffical items available online, and it’s one of our favorites. What better way to get around the city, or your school’s campus, than by declaring to everyone around you that estamos bien?


Conejo OVO Shirt


A simple Google search will reveal dozens of online retailers who make a version of this shirt – chronicling a momentous IG post in which we all knew a Bad Bunny and Drake collaboration was inevitable.


Exclusive Oasis Merch


Almost moments after dropping their long-awaited collaborative EP Oasis, J Balvin and Badd Bunny announced a limited run of merch. Fans had approximnately one week to cop the shirt/hoodie album bundles, before being gone forever.


Bad Literal Bunny


Who could forget one of the most popular (and earliest bootleg shirts) to go around. Hit up any Bad Bunny concert, and you’ll surely see at least 10 sidewalk vendors peddling these as you push your way inside to have your third eye blown by Benito’s engulfing live show.